Written Ministerial Statements
Monday 13 May 2013

Cabinet Office23WS
      Handling Members' Correspondence23WS
Energy and Climate Change26WS
      Managing Radioactive Waste Safely26WS
      Reuse of Plutonium26WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office27WS
Home Department28WS
      Identity and Passport Service28WS
      Equitable Life Payment Scheme25WS

Monday 13 May 2013

Work and Pensions3P
      Changes to Welfare in Hartlepool3P

Written Answers
Monday 13 May 2013

      Arrest Warrants3W
Business, Innovation and Skills79W
      Business: Regulation80W
      Centre on Migration, Policy and Society81W
      Higher Education: Admissions81W
      Higher Education: Research82W
      International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis83W
      Minimum Wage83W
      Prisons: Education84W
      Private Finance Initiative84W
      Public Interest Disclosure Act 199884W
      Sign Language85W
      Unfair Dismissal85W
      Vocational Training85W
Cabinet Office72W
      Conditions of Employment72W
      Employment: Scotland73W
      Infant Mortality: Bassetlaw74W
      Job Creation: Worcestershire75W
      Public Sector: Mutual Societies75W
      Senior Civil Servants: Pensions75W
      Unemployment: Clwyd76W
      Unemployment: Coastal Areas77W
      Unemployment: Tees Valley78W
Church Commissioners102W
      Minerals: Church of England102W
Communities and Local Government53W
      Construction: Standards53W
      Council Tax: Empty Property53W
      Council Tax: Students53W
      Fire Services: Private Sector54W
      Fires: Southwark54W
      Non-domestic Rates: Valuation55W
      Private Finance Initiative55W
      Temporary Employment55W
      Voluntary Organisations: Finance56W
Culture, Media and Sport51W
      Arts: Olympic Games 201251W
      Coastal Areas: Regeneration51W
      Culture: Education52W
      Members: Correspondence52W
      Private Finance Initiative53W
      Armed Forces97W
      Armed Forces: Compensation97W
      Armed Forces: Internet97W
      Armed Forces: Recruitment98W
      Armed Forces: Resignations99W
      Armed Forces: Young People99W
      Army: Length of Service100W
      Depleted Uranium100W
      Military Aircraft100W
      Unmanned Air Vehicles101W
      War Pensions102W
      Child Minding87W
      Children: Day Care88W
      Free School Meals90W
      GCE A-level94W
      GCSE: Disadvantaged96W
      Private Finance Initiative96W
      Public Services (Social Value) Act 201296W
      Schools: Finance96W
Energy and Climate Change20W
      Energy Company Obligation20W
      Energy: Housing21W
      Fuel Poverty22W
      Green Deal Scheme22W
      Renewable Energy23W
      Warm Home Discount Scheme24W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs30W
      Agriculture: Snow and Ice30W
      Floods: Insurance30W
      Livestock: Exports30W
      Members: Correspondence30W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office31W
      Developing Countries: HIV Infection33W
      South Africa36W
      South East Asia36W
      Accident and Emergency Departments: Bassetlaw37W
      Ashleigh Ewing38W
      Cancer: Drugs39W
      Cleveland Fire Brigade39W
      Clothing: Children40W
      Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: Childbirth41W
      General Practitioners41W
      Health: Ethnic Groups43W
      Health Foods: EU Law42W
      Health Services43W
      Heart Diseases: Children43W
      Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust44W
      NHS 11144W
      NHS: Religion46W
      Oxygen: Aviation49W
      Public Services (Social Value) Act 201250W
      Slaughterhouses: Inspections50W
Home Department5W
      Asylum: Finance5W
      British Nationality6W
      Confiscation Orders6W
      Crimes against Property6W
      Crimes of Violence7W
      Human Trafficking8W
      Human Trafficking: Lichfield10W
      Human Trafficking Ministerial Group9W
      Immigration: Married People10W
      Members: Correspondence10W
      UK Border Agency11W
International Development24W
      Developing Countries: Health Services24W
      Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria25W
      International Assistance25W
      Latin America26W
      Third Global Forum on Human Resources for Health26W
      Offenders: Rehabilitation86W
      Prison Service86W
      Prisoner Escapes: North East86W
Northern Ireland3W
Prime Minister12W
      Scottish Business Board5W
      Aircraft: Air Conditioning12W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line13W
      Motor Vehicles: Testing13W
      Network Rail13W
      Rail Franchise Advisory Panel14W
      Railways: Franchises15W
      Railways: Veterans16W
      Rescue Services: Belfast16W
      Rescue Services: Stornoway16W
      Roads: Bassetlaw17W
      Shipping: Conditions of Employment18W
      Shipping: Registration18W
      Thameslink Railway Line19W
      Tonnage Tax19W
      Transport Direct19W
      Transport: Livestock20W
      Disclosure of Information26W
      Equitable Life Assurance Society: Compensation26W
      Railways: Scotland27W
      Revenue and Customs27W
      Taxation: Business29W
      VAT: Sixth Form Colleges29W
      Higher Education: Research4W
      Public Services (Social Value) Act 20125W
Work and Pensions56W
      Atos Healthcare56W
      Carer's Allowance56W
      Child Maintenance57W
      Construction: Protective Clothing58W
      Employment Services58W
      Employment: Sign Language58W
      Housing Benefit59W
      Housing Benefit: Disability60W
      Housing Benefit: North Lanarkshire60W
      Housing Benefit: Scotland61W
      Members: Correspondence61W
      New Enterprise Allowance61W
      Pension Credit62W
      Pensions: Gender Recognition63W
      Personal Independence Payment63W
      Sign Language64W
      Social Security Benefits: Appeals65W
      Social Security Benefits: Bassetlaw66W
      Social Security Benefits: Greater London66W
      Social Security Benefits: Immigrants67W
      State Retirement Pensions68W
      State Retirement Pensions: Females68W
      Universal Credit69W
      Vacancies: Internet70W
      Work Programme70W

Ministerial Correction
Monday 13 May 2013

Home Department3MC
      Recall of Parliament3MC