Oral Answers
Thursday 5 September 2013

Culture, Media and Sport445
      2012 Paralympic Games (Legacy)449
      2014 Winter Olympics456
      BBC Work Force455
      Creative Industries456
      Grass-roots Sport449
      Horserace Betting Levy452
      Internet Companies446
      National Lottery445
      Nuisance Calls448
      Topical Questions457
      Tour de France445
Women and Equalities460
      Equal Pay462
      Equality and Diversity Forum463
      Equality for Disabled People464
      Maternity Leave460
      Violence Against Women465
      Women’s Business Council463

Written Statements
Thursday 5 September 2013

Business, Innovation and Skills25WS
      Transfer of Undertakings Regulations (TUPE)25WS
Cabinet Office26WS
      Charity Law and Regulation26WS
      National Employer Advisory Board27WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs27WS
      Biodiversity Offsetting/Ecosystems Markets Task Force27WS
Home Department28WS
      Opt-in Decisions29WS
      Regulatory Regime (Private Security Industry)30WS
      Specialist Printing Equipment and Materials28WS
      Transforming Legal Aid32WS
      Equitable Life Payment Scheme26WS

Thursday 5 September 2013

      Cyber Bullying11P

Written Answers
Thursday 5 September 2013

Business, Innovation and Skills521W
      Buckingham Palace: Temporary Employment521W
      Chemical Weapons: Syria521W
      Companies: Disclosure of Information521W
      Conditions of Employment522W
      Further Education: Capital Investment522W
      Higher Education: Student Numbers522W
      Legal Profession: Payments523W
      Minimum Wage523W
      Post Offices: Northern Ireland524W
      Postgraduate Education524W
      Regional Growth Fund525W
      Sign Language: Education525W
      Vocational Training525W
Cabinet Office492W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Birmingham492W
      Big Society Network492W
      Civil Servants: Disability493W
      Government Departments: Procurement493W
      Housing: Sales493W
      Internet: Scotland494W
      Public Appointments: Females494W
      Senior Civil Servants494W
Communities and Local Government450W
      Council Housing450W
Culture, Media and Sport510W
      Digital Technology510W
      Paralympic Games 2012511W
      Television: Licensing511W
      UK City of Culture511W
      World War I: Anniversaries512W
      Armed Forces: Deployment481W
      Chinook Helicopters482W
      Defence: Procurement482W
      Firing Ranges: Colchester483W
      Hercules Aircraft483W
      Lost Property483W
      Middle East485W
      Ministry of Defence Guard Service485W
      Navy: Military Exercises485W
      Parachute Regiment487W
      RAF Akrotiri487W
      RAF Northolt488W
      RAF Spadeadam489W
      Reserve Forces489W
      Unmanned Air Vehicles490W
      Victoria Cross491W
      School Milk449W
      Schools: Sports449W
      Schools: Swimming450W
      Youth Clubs450W
Energy and Climate Change495W
      Energy: EU Action495W
      Fuel Poverty496W
      Hinkley Point C Power Station496W
      Insulation: Housing497W
      Renewable Energy497W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs498W
      Bovine Tuberculosis498W
      Dogs: Electronic Training Aids498W
      Energy: Conservation499W
      Livestock: Transport499W
      Nature Conservation499W
      Water: East of England500W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office474W
      Conditions of Employment474W
      European External Action Service474W
      Gibraltar: Spain475W
      Horn of Africa476W
      Nature Conservation: Crime476W
      Official Cars477W
      Treaty of Utrecht479W
      Written Questions479W
      Atrial Fibrillation462W
      Carbon Emissions462W
      Cardiovascular System: Greater London463W
      Genetically Modified Organisms: Animal Feed463W
      Genetically Modified Organisms: Food465W
      Hospitals: Worcestershire465W
      Injuries: Offensive Weapons466W
      Meningitis: Vaccination467W
      Mental Health Services468W
      NHS 111468W
      NHS: Anniversaries469W
      NHS: Negligence469W
      Ovarian Cancer470W
      Paediatrics: Greater London470W
      Poultry Meat: Food Poisoning472W
      School Milk472W
      South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust472W
Home Department501W
      Arrest Warrants501W
      Asylum: Iran504W
      Bombings: Birmingham505W
      Crime: Wiltshire505W
      David Miranda506W
      Exclusion Orders506W
      Immigrants: English Language506W
      Immigration Controls507W
      Members: Correspondence507W
      UK Border Agency510W
International Development460W
      Developing Countries: Asylum461W
      Community Orders512W
      Electronic Tagging513W
      Freedom of Information513W
      Legal Aid Scheme513W
      Mental Health Review Tribunal515W
      Offences Against the Person Act 1861517W
      Paul Flint518W
      Prison Sentences519W
      Roads: Accidents519W
      Sexual Offences520W
      Channel Tunnel Railway Line451W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line451W
      High Speed Trains: Noise452W
      Pedestrian Crossings453W
      Public Bodies453W
      Public Transport454W
      Railways: East of England454W
      West Anglia Railway Line455W
      EU Staff: Taxation526W
      Financial Institutions527W
      Stamp Duty Land Tax528W
Women and Equalities510W
      Working Parents510W
Work and Pensions455W
      Atos Healthcare455W
      Credit: Interest Rates455W
      Food Banks456W
      Housing Benefit: Social Rented Housing456W
      Jobcentre Plus456W
      Jobseeker’s Allowance456W
      Occupational Health457W
      Occupational Pensions457W
      Social Security Benefits457W
      Social Security Benefits: Medical Examinations458W
      Training: Young People458W
      Universal Credit458W
      Vacancies: Thirsk459W
      Work Programme: Birmingham460W

Ministerial Correction
Thursday 5 September 2013