Written Statements
Friday 6 September 2013

Culture, Media and Sport33WS
      Public Sector Equality Duty Review33WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs34WS
      Water Bill (Flood Insurance Clauses)34WS
Home Department34WS
      Domestic Violence and Abuse (England and Wales)34WS
      Immigration Rules35WS
      Judicial Review37WS

Friday 6 September 2013

Energy and Climate Change13P
      A Unified Welsh Power Grid13P

Written Answers
Friday 6 September 2013

Business, Innovation and Skills533W
      Arms Trade: Export Controls533W
      Arms Trade: Trade Fairs533W
      Comet Group534W
      Conditions of Employment534W
      Exports: Government Assistance535W
      Exports: Syria535W
      Overseas Companies: China538W
      Royal Mail538W
Cabinet Office538W
      Communities First Fund538W
      Conflict, Stability and Security Fund539W
      Death: Drugs539W
      Public Sector: Procurement541W
      Transparency of Lobbying, Non-party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill541W
      Voluntary Work: Young People541W
Communities and Local Government541W
      Housing: Construction541W
      Right to Buy Scheme542W
      Temporary Accommodation: West Midlands542W
Culture, Media and Sport562W
      Broadband: North Yorkshire562W
      Creative Industries Council562W
      Internet: Bullying563W
      Public Libraries564W
      Social Networking564W
      Young People: Suicide565W
      Chemicals: Exports543W
      HMS Dragon543W
      Military Bases: Germany543W
      RAF Akrotiri544W
      Territorial Army545W
      Children: Day Care546W
      Education: Finance547W
      Primary Education: South Yorkshire548W
      Schools: Inspections549W
      Schools: Playing Fields549W
      Schools: Vocational Guidance550W
      Teachers: Lancashire550W
      Teachers: Qualifications551W
      Working Parties551W
Energy and Climate Change565W
      Carbon Emissions: Business565W
      Energy: Meters569W
      Hinkley Point Power Stations570W
      Renewable Energy: Feed-in Tariffs570W
      Tidal Power570W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office571W
      Chemicals: Exports572W
      Middle East573W
      Dental Services: Veterans574W
      Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome574W
      Mental Capacity Act 2005574W
      Tobacco: Packaging576W
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority Committee551W
      Members: Annual Reports552W
      Members' Staff553W
      Selsdon Park Hotel554W
      Visits: Constituencies551W
International Development556W
      Developing Countries: Taxation556W
      Electronic Government: Welsh Language556W
      Electronic Tagging556W
      Juries: Mental Illness557W
      Legal Aid Scheme557W
      Offenders: EU Nationals557W
      Written Questions: Government Responses559W
Leader of the House559W
      Adjournment Debates559W
      Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill559W
Prime Minister560W
      Blue Badge Scheme560W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line560W
      Marine Management Organisation561W
      Rolling Stock561W
      Child Benefit Office and Child Support Agency577W
      Coastal Communities Fund: Northern Ireland577W
      Council Tax: Rebates578W
      Crown Lands and Estates: Minerals578W
      Entertainments: Tickets578W
      Excise Duties: Tobacco579W
      Fracking: Scotland579W
      Gift Aid579W
      Historic Buildings: Repairs and Maintenance580W
      Housing Benefit: Fraud580W
      Jobseeker's Allowance581W
      Public Sector Debt582W
      Tax Allowances: Cultural Heritage583W
      Taxation: Developing Countries584W
      VAT: Imports584W
Work and Pensions585W
      Atos Healthcare585W
      Digital Technology585W
      Employment and Support Allowance586W
      Occupational Pensions586W
      Personal Independence Payments: Appeals587W
      Social Security Benefits: Brighton589W
      Social Security Benefits: Glasgow588W
      Unemployment: Young People589W
      Universal Credit590W
      Vacancies: Fraud591W
      Work Capability Assessment592W
      Work Programme592W

Ministerial Correction
Friday 6 September 2013

Culture, Media and Sport7MC