Oral Answers
Tuesday 10 September 2013

      Child Poverty816
      Family Incomes813
      Foreign-based Companies (Corporation Tax)823
      Income Tax826
      Land Tax819
      Mortgage Guarantee Scheme822
      National Infrastructure Plan825
      Small Businesses819
      Tax Avoidance824
      Topical Questions826

Written Statements
Tuesday 10 September 2013

Communities and Local Government43WS
      Parish Council Payments43WS
      Troubled Families Programme43WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs44WS
      Gangmasters Licensing Authority44WS
      Marine Management Organisation45WS
      NHS Winter Planning45WS
Home Department48WS
      Police Use of Taser Statistics48WS
      Road Network (Economic Growth)48WS

Tuesday 10 September 2013

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs15P
      Tougher Legislation on Dangerous Dogs15P
Foreign and Commonwealth Office16P
      Christians in Pakistan16P
      Abolishment of the Probation Service17P

Written Answers
Tuesday 10 September 2013

      Crown Prosecution Service675W
      Female Genital Mutilation675W
Business, Innovation and Skills661W
      Employment Agencies661W
Cabinet Office700W
      Investment and Contract Readiness Fund700W
      Members: Correspondence700W
      Social Incubator Fund700W
Communities and Local Government660W
      Fire Services: Pensions660W
      Local Government Finance660W
      Waste Disposal: Complaints661W
Culture, Media and Sport665W
      Broadband: Rural Areas665W
      Cultural Heritage665W
      Mobile Phones666W
      Television: Licensing667W
      Armed Forces: Housing668W
      Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme667W
      Armed Forces: Recruitment669W
      Carbon Emissions667W
      Middle East670W
      Military Bases: Germany670W
      Military Exercises671W
      War Memorials671W
      Children: Day Care696W
      GCSE: English Language696W
      National Curriculum Tests697W
      Public Appointments698W
      Public Expenditure698W
      School Meals698W
      Schools: Vocational Guidance698W
      Standards and Testing Agency699W
      Young People700W
Energy and Climate Change662W
      Energy: Consumption662W
      Energy: Meters663W
      EU Globalisation Fund663W
      Nuclear Power664W
      Wind Power664W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs672W
      Bovine Tuberculosis672W
      Carbon Emissions: Agriculture672W
      Common Agricultural Policy673W
      Employment Agencies673W
      Livestock: Transport674W
      Sustainable Development675W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office701W
      Seven Years' War: Anniversaries702W
      Continuing Care676W
      Out-patients: Attendance680W
      Plastic Surgery680W
Home Department649W
      Disciplinary Proceedings649W
      Domestic Violence649W
      Driving under Influence650W
      Public Bodies: Surveillance650W
International Development682W
      Developing Countries: Health682W
      Developing Countries: Tuberculosis683W
      Altcourse Prison687W
      Coroners: Teesside688W
      Departmental Responsibilities688W
      European Convention on Human Rights688W
      Knives: Crime689W
      Legal Aid Scheme689W
      Lost Property692W
      Offenders: Deportation693W
      Prisoner Escapes694W
      Prisons: Exercise695W
      Public Records695W
      Death: Weather655W
      Driving: Disqualification650W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line651W
      Motor Vehicles: Exhaust Emissions652W
      Offshore Industry: Safety652W
      Railways: Europe654W
      Roads: North West654W
      Bank Services684W
      British Overseas Territories684W
      Business: North East685W
      Family Incomes684W
      Income Tax685W
      Minimum Wage686W
      Revenue and Customs686W
Women and Equalities667W
Work and Pensions655W
      Child Benefit655W
      Child Poverty656W
      Disposable Income656W
      Employment Agencies657W
      Employment: Disability657W
      Jobseeker's Allowance657W
      Members: Correspondence657W
      Social Security Benefits658W
      Universal Credit658W