Oral Answers
Thursday 12 September 2013

House of Commons Commission1153
      Palace of Westminster (Restoration)1155
      Recycling (Parliamentary Estate)1153
Leader of the House1152
      Private Members’ Bills1154
      Pre-legislative Scrutiny1157
      Select Committees1156
      Tabling of Amendments1152
      East Coast Main Line (Rolling Stock Procurement)1146
      East Coast Rail Services1142
      High Speed 21137
      High Speed 2 (East Midlands)1144
      Isle of Wight Ferry Services1147
      London’s Transport Network1141
      Roads Spending Programme1145
      Topical Questions1147
      Transport Infrastructure (North-west England)1143

Written Statements
Thursday 12 September 2013

Business, Innovation and Skills51WS
      Royal Mail51WS
Culture, Media and Sport53WS
      Historic Royal Palaces (Borrowing Facility)53WS
      Education Reform (Schools)54WS
Energy and Climate Change54WS
      Radioactive Waste (Site Selection)54WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office55WS
      EU Foreign Ministers Meeting55WS
      Information Sharing (Caldicott Review)57WS
      University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Trust58WS
Home Department59WS
      Alcohol Licensing Consultation59WS
      Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme/Sector-based Scheme60WS
      Terrorism Prevention and Investigation61WS
      UN Firearms Protocol59WS
Northern Ireland62WS
      Omagh Bomb (Inquiry)62WS
      Banking Act 2009 Reporting53WS
      City Deal52WS

Thursday 12 September 2013

      A Welsh Second Chamber23P
      Signage of the Welsh Senedd Building24P

Written Answers
Thursday 12 September 2013

      Conditions of Employment808W
      Protection from Harassment Act 1997808W
      Serious Fraud Office808W
Business, Innovation and Skills853W
      Business: Billing853W
      Conditions of Employment853W
      Cosmetics: Labelling854W
      Offshore Industry854W
      Supermarkets: Prices855W
      Trade Missions856W
Cabinet Office804W
      Charitable Donations804W
      Communities First Fund804W
      Conditions of Employment805W
      Prescription Drugs: Lancashire805W
      Private Sector: Yorkshire and the Humber806W
Church Commissioners808W
      Conditions of Employment808W
Communities and Local Government819W
      Bed and Breakfast Accommodation819W
      Betting Shops820W
      Conditions of Employment820W
      Council Housing: Woking821W
      Housing: Carbon Emissions821W
      Local Government: ICT821W
Culture, Media and Sport861W
      Air Travel861W
      Broadband: Rural Areas861W
      Christmas Cards862W
      National Lottery: Ashfield863W
      Armed Forces: Cadets795W
      Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme795W
      Armed Forces: Pay795W
      Armoured Fighting Vehicles796W
      Defence: Procurement796W
      RAF Akrotiri796W
      Reserve Forces: Cardiff797W
      Unmanned Aerial Vehicles798W
Deputy Prime Minister798W
      Child Protection810W
      Children: Day Care810W
      First Aid: Curriculum811W
      GCSE: English Language812W
      Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education813W
      Public Expenditure813W
Energy and Climate Change865W
      Conditions of Employment866W
      Employment Agencies866W
      Green Deal Scheme: Ashfield867W
      Satellite Broadcasting867W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs849W
      Animal Products: Waste Disposal849W
      Bovine Tuberculosis851W
      Food: Prices852W
      Livestock: Transport853W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office839W
      British Nationals Abroad: Detainees839W
      Democratic Republic of Congo839W
      Dominican Republic840W
      Female Genital Mutilation841W
      NHS: Drugs818W
      NHS England816W
Home Department799W
      Asylum: Afghanistan799W
      Christmas Cards801W
      Harassment: Social Networking801W
      Offences against Children801W
      Police: EU Nationals801W
      Police: Pakistan802W
      Protection from Harassment Act 1997802W
      Satellite Broadcasting803W
House of Commons Commission793W
      Curtis Green and Derby Gate793W
      Hiring of House Facilities793W
      Procurement of Eggs793W
International Development814W
      Developing Countries: Malnutrition814W
      Female Genital Mutilation814W
      South Africa815W
      Electronic Tagging843W
      Legal Aid Scheme843W
      Magistrates' Courts: Corby846W
      Oakwood Prison847W
      Prisoners: Repatriation847W
      Protection from Harassment Act 1997848W
      Rape: Victim Support Schemes849W
      Trials: Human Rights849W
Prime Minister794W
      Ministerial Policy Advisers794W
      Political Office794W
      Press Conferences794W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line807W
      Manufacturing Industries: Job Creation807W
      Bus Services856W
      Croydon Tramlink857W
      Great Western Railway Line858W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line858W
      Large Goods Vehicles859W
      Maritime Sector857W
      Motor Vehicles: Northern Ireland859W
      Railways: Franchises860W
      Road Funding856W
      Business: North Yorkshire822W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line822W
      Public Expenditure823W
      Public Expenditure: Scotland823W
      Revenue and Customs823W
      Tax Avoidance826W
      Tax Evasion827W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line807W
Women and Equalities860W
      Television: Licensing860W
Work and Pensions827W
      Conditions of Employment827W
      Employment and Support Allowance829W
      Housing Benefit: Greater London831W
      Housing Benefit: Private Rented Housing832W
      Incapacity Benefit832W
      Jobseeker's Allowance832W
      Jobseeker's Allowance: Domestic Violence833W
      Ministers' Private Offices833W
      New Enterprise Allowance834W
      Occupational Pensions835W
      Older Workers835W
      Start-Up Loans Company837W
      Trussell Trust837W
      Universal Credit838W
      Work Programme839W

Ministerial Correction
Thursday 12 September 2013

      Legal Aid Scheme13MC