Mr Kevan Jones: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what contracts his Department has with QinetiQ; and what the (a) monetary value and (b) length is of each such contract. [177308]

Mr Dunne: The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has around 290 current contracts with QinetiQ. Any contracts that the Ministry of Defence (MOD) has with QinetiQ, prior to 2011, is provided as follows. It includes contracts let by MOD Trading Funds, but does not include pan-Government enabling contracts, Government Procurement Card payments or miscellaneous transactions. It includes contracts with Graphics Research Corporation Ltd, which is wholly owned by QinetiQ.

Since January 2011, as part of this Government's commitment to increase transparency, central Government Departments have been required to publish information on the contracts, worth over £10,000, they award on the Contracts Finder. This information is available online at


In some instances the contract date is in the past. This could either be because outstanding payments are still to be made under the terms of the existing contract, or the contract has been extended and records have not yet been updated to reflect this.

Contract titleCurrent contract value (£)Contract start dateCurrent contract end dateSupplier

Long Term Partnering Agreement


14 February 2006

28 March 2028

QinetiQ Ltd

Combined Aerial Target Services


20 November 2008

31 March 2012

QinetiQ Target Services Ltd

T&E Tasking Arrangement-PTPA


6 April 2008

31 March 2028

QinetiQ Ltd

UAV Autonomy and Mission Management


31 March 2010

30 June 2014

QinetiQ Ltd

Management of DE&S Tasking through the Weapons Technology Centre


13 June 2006

31 October 2012

QinetiQ Ltd

The Provision of Safety, Environmental and Airworthiness support of Unmanned Air Systems Team UOR Projects


1 April 2004

31 March 2012

QinetiQ Ltd

Meteor ITEAP and UK Acceptance Case-Stage 2


21 September 2005

31 March 2009

QinetiQ Ltd

Award Software


27 October 2004

26 October 2011

QinetiQ Commerce Decisions Ltd

Magnetic Assessment Services


25 September 2007

31 December 2015

QinetiQ Ltd

Provision of Technical Support for VC10


1 July 2006

30 June 2013

QinetiQ Ltd

BVRAAM Support


14 June 2006

31 March 2011

QinetiQ Ltd



1 April 2006

31 March 2008

QinetiQ Ltd

Support Saudi Armed Forces Project


5 June 2003

31 March 2013

QinetiQ Ltd

Provision of Expert Technical Support to the UK Representative to the NATO LOS CAT


1 August 2005

31 March 2015

QinetiQ Ltd

Support to NATO Superintendent


15 September 2005

3 September 2011

QinetiQ Ltd

28 Nov 2013 : Column 437W

28 Nov 2013 : Column 438W

IPA UOR Reference Centre


24 May 2007

31 May 2014

QinetiQ Ltd

Lightning Flight OPS Support


1 April 2005

31 March 2013

QinetiQ Ltd

Conduct Live Firings of Harpoon at the Hebrides


19 September 2005

31 Mar 2014

QinetiQ Ltd

GFE Management October 2012 to September 2013


6 December 2010

28 February 2011

QinetiQ Ltd

Update of Cost Model and Production of Investment Appraisal for the Ice Patrol Capability


1 April 2007

31 January 2013

QinetiQ Ltd

Voyager Security Technical Support May 2012 to May 2013 (30 Days)


3 September 2010

5 August 2011

QinetiQ Ltd

Maritime Strategic Capability Agreement (MSCA)


1 March 2008

31 March 2023

QinetiQ Ltd

Jaguar Aircraft Equipment Support to DCAE Cosford


2 Aug 2010

31 Jul 2013

QinetiQ Ltd

Provision of Infrastructure and Services BUTEC Kyle of Lochalsh


1 Jul 2010

31 May 2012

QinetiQ Ltd

Technical Support to FEW-TSB Foxhill


1 August 2010

31 March 2013

QinetiQ Ltd

BUTEC Range Management


12 July 2010

31 July 2014

QinetiQ Ltd

Contract QinetiQ for the use of the Range Facility in support of the LDCU Trial


1 October 2007

31 December 2013

QinetiQ Ltd

Support to Tornado Project Team


1 October 2010

31 March 2015

QinetiQ Ltd

Sea King Helicopters

Angus Robertson: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what assessment he has made of the gearbox safety of the Sea King helicopter fleet after the emergency landing of Sea King HU5 ZA130 (8) 19 from HMS Gannet on 13 October 2013. [177247]

Mr Dunne: In accordance with standard operating procedures, an immediate investigation was launched following a precautionary landing of a Sea King Mk 5 aircraft from HMS Gannet on 13 October 2013. The investigation was carried out by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and AgustaWestland, the Design Organisation for the aircraft, and concluded that the risk of this type of fault leading to a serious safety issue is very low. As a precaution, an inspection regime has been instigated to inspect and monitor the gearboxes of all of the MOD Sea King fleet.


Mr Mike Hancock: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what discussions he has had with his US counterpart on the use of the UK for the building of ships for the US Navy; and what steps he is taking to promote the UK as a location for naval ship building in the future. [177218]

Mr Dunne: The Secretary of State for Defence and the US Secretary of Defence have not discussed the UK building ships for the US Navy. The UK is inhibited by the restrictions imposed by US Act of Congress 7309. This Act forbids the construction of a military vessel (or any substantial part thereof) at a foreign yard unless authorised by the President, in the interests of national security. Legal restrictions also exist on the leasing of foreign vessels by the US military.

The UK is actively marketing the Type 26 Global Combat Ship globally. Defence Ministers have discussed the Type 26 with a number of countries and we expect further interest once the UK has made its formal investment decision, which is expected to be in late 2014.