Oral Answers
Thursday 3 April 2014

Energy and Climate Change981
      Energy Bills987
      Energy Bills (Park Homes)987
      Energy Efficiency993
      Energy Markets (Competition)981
      Energy Supply991
      Energy-intensive Industries986
      Topical Questions994

Written Statements
Thursday 3 April 2014

      Statutory Guidance for Schools90WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs91WS
      Agriculture and Fisheries Council91WS
      Pharmaceutical Price Regulation93WS
      Social Science Research Committee (Triennial Review)94WS
      Anti-Avoidance Provision89WS
      Convergence Programme (UK)89WS
      UK Guarantees Scheme90WS
Work and Pensions94WS
      Private Pensions94WS

Written Answers
Thursday 3 April 2014

      Domestic Violence738W
Business, Innovation and Skills743W
      Conditions of Employment743W
      Foreign Workers743W
      Green Investment Bank743W
      Industrial Health and Safety744W
      National Careers Service744W
      Paternity Pay744W
      South West745W
      Students: Fees and Charges745W
      UK Trade & Investment: Morecambe746W
Cabinet Office733W
      Census: Internet733W
      Pensioners: Brigg734W
      Prostate Cancer735W
      Unemployment: Young People736W
Communities and Local Government776W
      All Party Groups776W
      Bellwin Scheme776W
      Community Infrastructure Levy776W
      Fire Services776W
      Fire Services: Floods777W
      Fire Services: Pensions777W
      Fire Services: Retirement777W
      Homes and Communities Agency778W
      Housing: Carbon Emissions778W
      Housing: Fires779W
      Local Government: Pensions779W
      Parish Councils780W
      Planning Permission: Greater Manchester782W
      Planning Permission: Staffordshire783W
      Travellers: Caravan Sites783W
      Working Hours784W
Culture, Media and Sport748W
      Sunrise Radio749W
      Air Force: Deployment806W
      Air Force: Training806W
      Aircraft Carriers807W
      Armed Forces808W
      Armed Forces: Firearms809W
      Army: Length of Service809W
      Army: Recruitment810W
      D-Day Landings: Anniversaries810W
      Portsmouth Dockyard813W
      Service Complaints Commissioner813W
      Tornado Aircraft814W
      Ad-Deen School Ilford785W
      Cancer: Health Education785W
      Children: Protection786W
      Children: Social Services786W
      Jimmy Savile787W
      Sixth Form Colleges787W
      Teachers: Training788W
      Teachers: Veterans788W
Electoral Commission Committee766W
      Electoral Register766W
      Electoral Register: Fraud767W
      Electronic Voting767W
Energy and Climate Change801W
      Energy: Conservation801W
      Energy: Housing801W
      Energy: Multiple Occupation802W
      Fuel Oil: Lancashire802W
      Fuel Poverty: South Yorkshire802W
      Housing: Insulation803W
      Members: Correspondence804W
      Nuclear Power Stations804W
      Renewable Energy805W
      Warm Home Discount Scheme805W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs765W
      Drinking Water: Chlorine765W
      Trade Unions765W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office741W
      Sri Lanka742W
      Ambulance Services789W
      Drugs: Misuse790W
      Foetal Death791W
      Genito-urinary Medicine792W
      Health Services791W
      Hospitals: Drugs793W
      Jimmy Savile793W
      Members: Correspondence794W
      Mental Health795W
      Mental Health Services: Children795W
      Ministers' Private Offices796W
      Mobility: Children796W
      NHS: Innovation797W
      NHS: Intellectual Property797W
      Parkinson's Disease797W
      Prostate Cancer798W
      Smoking: Health Education798W
      Tattooing and Skin Piercing799W
Home Department738W
      Airwave Service738W
      Entry Clearances: Entertainers739W
      Foreign Workers739W
      Illegal Immigrants: Employment739W
      Overseas Students740W
      Sexual Offences740W
International Development749W
      Computer Misuse Act 1990749W
      Driving Offences750W
      Family Proceedings751W
      Prison Service751W
      Prisoners: Publications752W
      Special Educational Needs755W
      Television: Licensing756W
      Verne Prison757W
      Working Hours758W
      Youth Custody759W
Northern Ireland747W
      Electoral Register: Young People747W
Prime Minister737W
      Sri Lanka737W
      Air Routes815W
      Directly Operated Railways815W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line816W
      Railways: Sanitation816W
      Railways: Wales817W
      Road Traffic Control: Motorways817W
      Roads: Repairs and Maintenance820W
      Carbon Emissions768W
      Economic Situation769W
      EU Emissions Trading Scheme769W
      Import Duties: USA770W
      Income Tax: Brigg773W
      State Retirement Pensions775W
      Tax Avoidance775W
      Trade Unions775W
      GCSE and A-levels748W
Women and Equalities814W
Work and Pensions760W
      Employment and Support Allowance760W
      Employment: Learning Disability760W
      Incapacity Benefit761W
      Occupational Pensions761W
      Personal Independence Payment762W
      Work Programme765W