Oral Answers
Tuesday 29 April 2014

      Average Earnings686
      Bank Bonuses680
      Bank Lending to Businesses683
      Child Poverty691
      Cost of Living690
      Economic Growth684
      Fiscal Steps (Businesses)692
      Fuel Duty679
      Income Tax689
      Infrastructure Projects689
      Office for Budget Responsibility693
      Topical Questions694

Written Statements
Tuesday 29 April 2014

Cabinet Office45WS
      Senior Salaries Review Body (Triennial Review)45WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office45WS
      Afghanistan (Monthly Progress Report)45WS
Home Department46WS
      Migration Advisory Committee (Triennial Review)46WS
      Access for All (Funding)47WS
      Contingencies Fund Advance48WS
      Ultra-low Emission Vehicles48WS

29 Apr 2014 : Column 627

29 Apr 2014 : Column 627

Written Answers
Tuesday 29 April 2014

      Proceeds of Crime627W
Business, Innovation and Skills628W
      Government Departments: Secondment630W
      Royal Mail631W
      Shipping: Training631W
Cabinet Office632W
      Domestic Violence632W
      Ethnic Groups: Latin America633W
      Government Departments: Video Conferencing635W
      Private Sector635W
      Trade Unions635W
Communities and Local Government636W
      Natural Gas: Safety636W
      Non-domestic Rates: East Sussex637W
      Secularism and Humanism637W
      Wind Power637W
Culture, Media and Sport638W
      Aerials: Planning Permission638W
      Air Force638W
      Armoured Fighting Vehicles638W
      Baltic States639W
      European Fighter Aircraft639W
      Youth Work640W
Electoral Commission Committee640W
      Electoral Register640W
      Parliamentary Advisory Group641W

29 Apr 2014 : Column 628

Energy and Climate Change641W
      Energy Companies Obligation641W
      Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme642W
      Solar Power642W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs642W
      Agriculture: Exports642W
      Air Pollution643W
      Bovine Tuberculosis643W
      Dredging and Cockle Fishing644W
      Fisheries: Norfolk645W
      Fisheries: West Africa645W
      Flood Control645W
      Private Sector647W
      Water: Meters647W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office647W
      Cerebral Palsy648W
      Employment Agencies649W
      General Practitioners650W
      Health Services650W
      Hospices: Children652W
      Hospitals: Waiting Lists652W
      Medical Records: Databases651W
      Medical Records: Internet652W
      Neuromuscular Disorders: Leicester653W
      Palliative Care653W
      Private Sector653W
Home Department654W
      Asylum: Repatriation654W
      Crimes of Violence: Foreign Nationals659W
      Domestic Violence659W
      Domestic Violence and Sexual Offences659W
      Driving Offences: Motorways660W
      Entry Clearances660W
      Entry Clearances: Israel662W
      Entry Clearances: Lesotho662W
      Illegal Immigrants: Employment662W
      Police and Crime Commissioners664W
      Police: Bureaucracy665W
      Police Custody: Young People665W
House of Commons Commission666W
      Palace of Westminster: Police666W

29 Apr 2014 : Column 629

      Manchester Prison669W
      Prisoners: Nigeria670W
      Prisoners' Release669W
      Prisoners: Suicide670W
      Prisons: Mother and Baby Units671W
      Prisons: Publications671W
      Probation: South West671W
Northern Ireland672W
      Employment Agencies672W
      Employment Agencies674W
      Crossrail Line674W
      Infrastructure: North West674W
      Transport: Windsor675W
      West Coast Railway Line675W
      “Europe for Citizens” Programme678W
      Bank Services678W
      Business Premises Renovation Allowance678W
      Credit: Interest Rates678W
      Employment Agencies679W
      Income Tax677W
      Jobseeker’s Allowance676W
      Pensioners on Low Incomes677W
      Private Sector679W
      Social Security Benefits679W
      Employment Agencies680W
Work and Pensions681W
      Disability Living Allowance681W
      Personal Independence Payment681W
      Personal Independence Payment: Wales682W
      Social Security Benefits683W
      State Retirement Pensions683W