Oral Answers
Wednesday 7 May 2014

Prime Minister142
      Bank of England138
      Cross-border Trade and Employment141
      Currency Union139
      Energy Bills136
      Housing Benefit135
      Scottish Independence (Border Constituencies)133

Written Statements
Wednesday 7 May 2014

Energy and Climate Change5WS
      G7 Energy Ministers Meeting6WS
      Green Deal (Home Improvement Fund)5WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office6WS
      Foreign Affairs Council/General Affairs Council6WS

Wednesday 7 May 2014

      Crossing at Gipsy Lane, Leicester1P

7 May 2014 : Column 161

7 May 2014 : Column 161

Written Answers
Wednesday 7 May 2014

Business, Innovation and Skills161W
      AstraZeneca: Pfizer161W
      Business: Females161W
      New Businesses: Wales162W
Cabinet Office178W
      Civil Servants: Redundancy Pay178W
      Conditions of Employment: Warrington178W
      Employment: East Midlands179W
Communities and Local Government180W
      Business Improvement Districts: Birmingham180W
      Children: Supported Housing180W
      Companies: Fraud181W
      Environmental Health183W
      Fire Services: Pensions183W
      Housing: Complaints184W
      Landlords: Prosecutions184W
      Non-domestic Rates: Public Houses184W
      Private Rented Housing185W
      Property Development: Floods185W
Culture, Media and Sport199W
      Conditions of Employment199W
      Culture: Education199W
      Private Rented Housing199W
      Public Expenditure200W
      Air Force: Recruitment163W
      Al-Sweady Inquiry163W
      Armed Forces: Mesothelioma165W
      Baha Mousa and Al-Sweady Inquiries166W
      Puma Helicopters167W
      Royal Fleet Auxiliary167W
      Satellites: West Freugh167W
      Tornado Aircraft167W
      Trade Unions168W
      Type 45 Destroyers168W
      Unmanned Air Vehicles168W
Deputy Prime Minister189W
      Sovereignty: Scotland191W
      Voting Rights: British Nationals Abroad191W
      Children: Databases169W
      Children: Day Care169W
      Culture: Education169W
      History: Education170W
      Offences Against Children170W
      School Meals172W
      Schools: Governing Bodies172W
      Special Educational Needs173W
      World War II: Education173W

7 May 2014 : Column 162

Energy and Climate Change186W
      Climate Change: International Co-operation186W
      Electricity: Investment186W
      Energy Companies Obligation188W
      Renewable Energy: Feed-in Tariffs188W
      Solar Power188W
      Solar Power: Wales190W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs209W
      Agriculture: Subsidies209W
      Bovine Tuberculosis209W
      Churngold Recycling210W
      Dangerous Dogs210W
      Hill Farming212W
      Medical Equipment: Waste Disposal212W
      Rural Areas: Broadband213W
      Sites of Special Scientific Interest213W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office191W
      Climate Change191W
      Falkland Islands192W
      North Korea194W
      Sri Lanka194W
      Western Sahara196W
      Abortion: Breast Cancer230W
      Air Pollution: South East231W
      Cancer: Drugs232W
      Children: Screening232W
      Dental Services235W
      Dietary Supplements: EU Law236W
      Domestic Accidents237W
      Health Services237W
      Hospital Beds237W
      In Vitro Fertilisation238W
      Maternity Services239W
      Mental Illness239W
      NHS: Competition240W
      NHS: Complaints240W
      NHS: Legal Costs241W
      Nurses: Recruitment241W
      Obesity: Children243W
      Palliative Care243W
      Post-traumatic Stress Disorder243W
      Prescriptions: Fees and Charges244W
      Social Services246W
      Tobacco: Retail Trade247W
      Transvaginal Mesh Implants248W
Home Department213W
      Asylum: Finance215W
      Asylum: North East215W
      Asylum: Scotland215W
      Crime: Rural Areas216W
      Domestic Violence216W
      Entry Clearances: Domestic Service217W
      Hillsborough Stadium217W
      Human Trafficking218W
      Illegal Immigrants218W
      Illegal Immigrants: France218W
      Immigration Controls219W
      Members: Correspondence219W
      Offenders: Deportation219W
      Teachers: Arrests222W
      UK Visas and Immigration Directorate222W
      Verne Prison222W
International Development207W
      Developing Countries: Older People207W
      Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria207W
      Green Climate Fund208W
      International Assistance208W
      Approved Premises201W
      Baha Mousa Inquiry201W
      Driving Offences: Speed Limits204W
      High Down Prison205W
      Police: Dogs205W
      Prisoners: Pay205W
      Prisons: Employment205W
      Prisons: Health Services206W
      Taxis: Licensing207W
Northern Ireland174W
      Employment Schemes: Learning Disability174W
Prime Minister175W
      AstraZeneca: Pfizer175W
      Consular Support176W
      Employment Figures176W
      English-Scottish Border Regions177W
      Health Services177W
      Highlands and Islands: Economic Potential176W
      Income Tax176W
      Oxford-Hereford Railway Line175W
      Roads: Yorkshire and the Humber175W
      Crown Estate Commissioners196W
      Income Tax196W
      Welfare Tax Credits198W

7 May 2014 : Column 164

Work and Pensions222W
      Budgeting Loans222W
      Conditions of Employment223W
      Employment: Disability224W
      Employment: Young People225W
      Housing Benefit: Social Rented Housing225W
      Independent Living Fund226W
      Jobcentre Plus226W
      National Insurance226W
      Occupational Pensions226W
      Occupational Pensions: Brigg227W
      Social Security Benefits227W
      Social Security Benefits: Disability227W
      Social Security Benefits: Disqualification228W
      Social Security Benefits: Fraud228W
      Social Security Benefits: Scotland228W
      Universal Credit229W
      Work Programme229W

Ministerial Correction
Wednesday 7 May 2014

Home Department1MC
      Hillsborough Stadium1MC