Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill

Supplementary written evidence from ACPO (ASB 42)

Dog Attack Deaths Since 2005

11.07.05 Liam Eames (M) 1 year, Leeds,  American bulldog (pprtb)

Verdict - Accidental death

23.09.06 Cadey-Lee Deacon (F), 5 months, Leicester, 2 Rottweilers (pprtb)

Verdict – Accidental death

01.01.07 Ellie Lawrenson (F), 5 years, St Hellens,  Pit Bull Terrier type (pprtb)

Grandmother prosecuted for manslaughter – found not guilty

Uncle prosecuted under s1 – sentenced to 8 weeks imprisonment

28.12.07 Archie-Lee Hirst (M), 1 year, Wakefield, Rottweiler (pprtb)

Accidental death – no prosecution pursued

27.01.08 James Redhill (M), 78, Plaistow, London, Rottweiler (public)

Victim was owner

20.01.09 Stephen Hudspeth (M) 33, Bishop Auckland, Staffordshire Bull Terrier (public)

Dog owner not identified

07.02.09 Jaden Mack (M), 3 months, South Wales, Staffordshire Bull Terrier &  Jack Russell (pprtb)

No prosecution

01.05.09 Andrew Walker (M), 21, Blackpool, 2 Alsatians (pprtb)

Verdict – accidental death

30.11.09 John-Paul Massey (M),  4 years,  Liverpool, Pit Bull Terrier type (pprtb)

Uncle prosecuted under DDA 1991 (breeding and (2x) keeping prohibited dog) and sentenced to 4 months’ imprisonment

Grandmother prosecuted under s1 – 4 months imprisonment suspended for 18 months

17.04.10 Zumer Ahmed (F), 18-months, Crawley, American Bulldog (pprtb)

Uncle arrested and released without charge for manslaughter

Separate conviction for s1 dog not related to the death of his niece

23.12.10 Barbara Williams (F), 52, Wallington, Surrey, Belgian Mastiff (pprtb)

Arrested on manslaughter.

Pleaded guilty – failing to ensure welfare of the animal - 150 hours unpaid work and pay costs of £3,340

23.01.12 Leslie Trotman (M), 83, Brentford, London, Pit Bull Terrier (ppNrtb)

Manslaughter to Isleworth Crown Court- dismissed for insufficient evidence

30.10.12 Gloria Knowles, (F), 71, Morden, London - 2 French Mastiffs, 2 American bulldogs and a mongrel (pprtb)

No prosecution – police applying to Magistrates court to destroy the dogs

20.11.12 Harry Harper (M), 8 days, Ketley - Jack Russell (pprtb)

No prosecution

26.03.13 Jade Lomas-Anderson, 14, Wigan, Mastiffs (pprtb)


26.05.13 Clifford Clarke, 79, Liverpool, Bull-mastiff cross (ppNrtb)


July 2013

Prepared 12th July 2013