Care Bill [Lords]

Written evidence submitted by Elizabeth Ayres (CB 17)

With reference to the above, please note the following:

1.  People who own their own property which is only worth approximately £72,000 will lose the entire value of their property, whilst those residing in properties worth millions will keep their phenomenal wealth intact.  Consequently, this bill targets the poor living in the lowest value of property the hardest, i.e one bedroom or park homes etc.

2. Couples whose property may only be worth the equivalent of 2 x the £72,000 cap will lose their home in their lifetime, whilst the wealthy keep theirs. 

3. What about where one partner whose pension is too poor to exist on and relies on their partner's income to live in their current home, who has been taken into care, and cannot continue to live in their home without this income, and therefore has to sell up and move.  For example, if the property is only worth £180,000-£200,000, and the less well off partner has to sell up and hand over £72,000 out of the value;  What exactly is the now homeless partner supposed to buy somewhere else to live, with the remainder of the value.  £100,000 - £120,000 will not buy even a one bedroom property in today's market.  So you have hit the poor at the bottom of the heap again, whilst the wealthy carry on as before.

4. What about couples who have a disabled child/adult residing with them because they have not been able to leave the family home which is of a low value.  Are you going to rehouse them when you evict them and confiscate the property or leave them homeless? 

This is a bill to protect those with wealth, whilst the poor continue to be targeted.  My husband and I have worked and saved all our lives, but because our home is considered to be of a low value in relation to this 'cap', we will lose it in our lifetime and our daughter who has a disability and consequently still living with us and for whom we have not claimed one penny for looking after her, will be left without a roof over her head.

January 2014

Prepared 17th January 2014