Criminal Justice and Courts Bill

Written evidence submitted by Rehman Chishti MP (CJC 10)

To whom it may concern,

Criminal Justice and Courts Bill

1. I am writing to ask the Committee to give consideration to including within the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill a measure to increase the maximum penalty for causing death by disqualified driving.

2. This would increase the maximum sentence from the current two years to 14 years and an unlimited fine, in line with the current penalty for causing death by dangerous driving.

3. This was the subject of my Causing Death by Driving Whilst Disqualified Bill introduced to the House on 2 December 2013.

4. The Criminal Justice and Courts Bill proposes changes to sentencing for a number of serious crimes. During the Second Reading of the Bill ( HC Deb, 24 February 2014, c47) the Secretary of State for Justice told the house that he believes ""serious and repeat offenders should face the full force of the law for their crimes." My proposed measure is in is in line with the Secretary of State’s and the Bill’s intention .

5. Those who cause death by disqualified driving are serious offenders who have already been banned from our roads and are intentionally driving unlawfully.

6. It is an offence that has tragic consequences but current sentencing levels are not in line with the seriousness of the crime, with it carrying a maximum of two years imprisonment.

7. I hope that the Committee will be able to fully consider the inclusion of this measure.

March 2014

Prepared 13th March 2014