Criminal Justice and Courts Bill

Written evidence submitted by Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee (CJC 29) 


1.  Criminal Proceedings- Information can be laid before any Court or Tribunal in any Part of the United Kingdom before any Circuit Judge or High Court Judge or any Judge of the Court of Appeal any Division.

Civil Proceedings should be stayed by virtue of Section 49 (3) of the SCA 1981 or The Criminal Justice Act 1988.


2.  The HM Attorney General should have the Power to Appeal in the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom against any Judgment before any High Court Judge or UPPER TRIBUNAL in a Criminal Cause or Matter.


3.  When laying an Information for a Volunteer Bill of Indictment under Section 2 of the Administration Justice (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1933

This can be laid before any Crown Court, any Upper Tribunal and Any County Court Circuit Judge

for the Offence of Perjury- Subornation of Perjury and Collective Harassment.


4.  The Civil Procedure Rules 3-11- Civil Restraint Orders should be repealed


5.  The HM Attorney General should review the decision of the Solicitor General who has authorised an Application for a Section 42 of the SCA 1981 Order,

and there should be exemption on Court Fees for Persons who are subject to Section 42 of the SCA 1981 where the Orders should be for a period of not exceeding more than Five Years.


6.  Malicious Prosecution applies to Civil and Criminal Proceedings

There is a Judgment given in the Privy Council.


7.  The Information Commissioner's Office should be abolished for failing to obey the Family Law Act 1986 Part 3 Declaration of Marital Status

and M. F. P. A. 1984 Part 3.


It should be open for any Person to lay an information before any Court of Law or Tribunal for a Disclosure Order-Production Order before proceedings are commenced-

and Section 32 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 should no longer be exempt Information

by Virtue of the Civil Procedure Rules-

Criminal Procedure Rules

Family Procedure Rules.


8.  Officers in the Citizens Advice Bureau should not be immune from any Legal Proceedings-

Civil or Criminal Proceedings

Since there is a House of Lords Judgment given on the 20th July 2000 in Arthur J S Hall Versus Simmons and Others where it was ordered that Advocates have no Immunity whether Civil or Criminal Proceedings.


I believe that the above is true.

March 2014

Prepared 25th March 2014