High Speed Rail (Preparation) Bill

Written evidence from Charlie Sarrell (HSR 08)

1. I am a resident of Breaston, Derbyshire who will have retired before HS2 is up and running.

2. My concern is the lack of any evidence of an intergraded transport thinking with regards to the proposal to have the station on the site of the Toton Sidings. This site does not connect with the existing main line stations, and it does put additional pressure on an already busy road network namely Junction 25 of M1 and the A52.

3. This proposed station would not easily connect with the East Midlands Airport, nor would it serve Leicester the third major city of the East Midlands.

4. I would propose that the station is moved to East Midlands Parkway which is a site on the mainline, which could have a new road links to the A50. I understand that the A453 is being upgraded and that the Nottingham tram is also due to reach this station.

5. Furthermore, if as I understand it the line of the track takes it under East Midlands Airport, could not a shuttle train (such as at Birmingham Airport) be incorporated with access to the airport?

6. An additional advantage of this proposal would be that it not only links the HS2 station to the 3 major urban centres in the East Midlands, but given the time to London, it would open the possibility of London flights coming into East Midlands Airport and so relieving some of the pressure on Heathrow.

July 2013

Prepared 10th July 2013