Immigration Bill

Written evidence from Catherine Thornton (IB 53)

I should like to add my comments to the new Immigration Bill & the Bill concerning Carers etc currently going through Parliament.

In the first instance it is both inhumane & a public health risk to insist that failed asylum seekers should be charged for vital primary health care. These individuals are frequently traumatised & vulnerable & have endured months of suffering & uncertainty & have considerable health needs. To put any obstacles in the way of them receiving care for eg: active TB/hepatitis/HIV etc is actually to increase rather than diminish the 'burden' on the NHS.

In the second case it is essential to include Parent Carers of children in the list of those who are entitled to a carer's assessment & support in their own right. These parents (& I've been one) already do far more than ordinary parenting & it is actually cost-effective to support them & their families so that they can carry on caring.

November 2013

Prepared 20th November 2013