Water Bill

Written evidence submitted by Bill Hollis (WB 24)

Dear  sir,



re the water Bill



I note that houses in council band H are going to be excluded from the RE insurance scheme , and of course living in a group H house, I believe this to be unfair.


assuming I and all of those that live in an H house, have a lot of money, why should we be excluded from this scheme  for that reason alone ?



we have paid our higher income tax and our higher stamp duty & higher council tax , and many ( as in my case  ) have retired  and anyway have no chance to earn  bucket loads of cash to pay extra insurance .


I have counted the number of group H houses in our area and there may be a dozen, out of 20,000 houses, it would therefore not cost very much to include the H houses in the scheme in this area. I recognise it may be different in London. 


Then a sum needs to be done, to calculate the number of H houses at risk  and  then a further sum those H  houses that actually get damaged. 



we are in the "at risk zone " , only because we are within the 5m  contour. We  survived both the recent surge storm  and the 3.5 inches of rain that fell and flooded many other parts in the autumn . It is an old house and they didn't choose this piece of land for no reason !  



I just don't feel it's fair for my insurance to go up by three fold, when we could be included for maybe just a few pence extra   on the RE scheme , and anyway like many other H houses we are probably not going to get flooded anyway.. It would be a rum world if only the H houses were flooded !


Please reconsider the H house penalty in the RE scheme.

December 2013

Prepared 18th December 2013