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List of additional written evidence

(published in Volume II on the Committee's website

1  Academy of Social Sciences  Ev w1

2  African Studies Assn of the UK and SCOLMA  Ev w5

3  Agricultural Economics Society  Ev w9

4  American Philological Association  Ev w10

5  Antiquity Publications Ltd  Ev w11

6  Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (ACAMH)  Ev w12

7  Association for Learning Technology  Ev w13

8  Association of Medical Research Charities  Ev w18

9  Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society Ltd  Ev w19

10  Professor Stephen Bailey and Professor John Bell  Ev w21

11  BMJ Group  Ev w22

12  British Academy of Management  Ev w25

13  British Agricultural History Society  Ev w25

14  British Association for American Studies  Ev w26

15  British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies  Ev w27

16  British Educational Leadership, Management and Administration Society  Ev w28

17  British International Studies Association  Ev w29

18  British Library  Ev w34

19  British Ornithologists' Union  Ev w36

20  British Psychological Society  Ev w39

21  British Sociological Association  Ev w41

22  John Bynner, Emeritus Professor of Social Sciences in Education, Institute of Education and Harvey Goldstein, Professor of Social Statistics, University of
Bristol  Ev w48

23  Cancer Research UK  Ev w49

24  Peter Carroll  Ev w51

25  The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals  Ev w54

26  The Classical Association, The Institute of Classical Studies, University of
London, The Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies, The Society for
the Promotion of Roman Studies  Ev w55

27  Council for College and University English and the English Association  Ev w57

28  Council of University Classics Departments  Ev w63

29  Creative Commons Corporation and Creative Commons UK  Ev w67

30  Professor Stephen Curry  Ev w69

31  Emerald Group Publishing Limited  Ev w70

32  European Group for Organization Studies  Ev w75

33  The Fisheries Society of the British Isles  Ev w76

34  Frederick J Friend  Ev w77

35  Geological Society of London  Ev w79

36  Professor Abby Ghobadian, Professor Yehuda Baruch and Professor Mustafa
zbilgin  Ev w81

37  Tony Hey  Ev w82

38  Editors of History Journals  Ev w86

39  History UK (HE)  Ev w88

40  Professor John Houghton and Dr Alma Swan  Ev w93

41  Institute of Mathematics and its Applications  Ev w94

42  Institute of Physics  Ev w95

43  Institute of Science and Technology  Ev w97

44  (Editorial Board of the) Journal of Commonwealth Literature  Ev w98

45  (Editorial Board of the) Journal of Southern African Studies  Ev w99

46  London Mathematical Society  Ev w102

47  Dr Heather Morrison  Ev w105

48  Ross Mounce  Ev w107

49  Professor Peter Murray-Rust  Ev w110

50  National Union of Students  Ev w111

51  Open University  Ev w112

52  Physiological Society  Ev w114

53  The Publishers Association  Ev w117

54  Regional Studies Association  Ev w121

55  Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society  Ev w122

56  Research Libraries UK   Ev w125

57  Rolls Royce plc  Ev w127

58  Royal Anthropological Institute  Ev w129

59  Royal Astronomical Society  Ev w130

60  Royal Economic Society  Ev w133

61  Royal Entomological Society  Ev w135

62  Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)  Ev w136

63  Royal Historical Society  Ev w141

64  The Royal Society  Ev w143

65  Royal Society of Chemistry  Ev w144

66  Royal Statistical Society  Ev w148

67  SAGE Publications Ltd  Ev w151

68  Social History Society of the UK  Ev w153

69  Society of Biology  Ev w156

70  Society for Research into Higher Education   Ev w159

71  Socio-Legal Studies Association  Ev w164

72  Dr Dan Stowell  Ev w167

73  Tavistock Institute of Human Relations  Ev w168

74  Dr Michael P Taylor  Ev w171

75  Kathryn Toledano  Ev w175

76  Ubiquity Press  Ev w176

77  UK Computing Research Committee  Ev w178

78  United Kingdom Council of Research Repositories  Ev w179

79  University Association for Contemporary European Studies  Ev w182

80  University College London  Ev w183

81  University Council for Modern Languages  Ev w185

82  University of Hertfordshire  Ev w186

83  University of Leeds  Ev w188

84  The Wellcome Trust  Ev w189

85  Wiley  Ev w193

86  Zoological Society of London (ZSL)  Ev w194

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