Communities and Local Government CommitteeSupplementary written evidence submitted by the Local Government Association

Thank you for your letter dated 11 February 2013 in respect to the figure I cited at your Committee meeting on 4 February regarding beds in sheds.

It was reported to me by the Mayor of Newham, Sir Robin Wales, in December 2012 that the potential size of the challenge facing Newham could involve up to 1,800 properties. Sir Robin, through his officials, has confirmed that their revised figure regarding properties currently stands at 1,500.

For example, in terms of enforcement activity in four of 40 wards (as of mid-February 2013), Newham has served 70 enforcement notices on sheds with beds (since September 2011).

I hope this clarifies the points raised and I wish you every success with the vital work your committee us undertaking.

March 2013

Prepared 16th July 2013