Communities and Local Government CommitteeWritten evidence submitted by Tracey Dunn

The landlord has failed to put in proper soundproofing and all people who live in the bedsit under my kitchen and bathroom harrass and bang on the ceiling. I can be just talking to someone and the latest tenant starts banging.

For the last seven years or so I have been completley ill as I can’t live in my home normally.

I am suicidal and wish I didn’t wake up. The landlord have put a false ceiling in a similar flat but won’t do it for me. If I did have a false ceiling I would also want one that is effective.

I have been to solicitors wrote to MP’s, and my doctor and NO ONE is interested in helping me enforce a false ceiling with proper insulation. My health is totally deteriorated and I am not sleeping much. Up at 4am is not unusual as I am so stressed out.

The landlord would rather build a home cinema for themselves or keep creaming in massive profits than carry out essential work. How are they allowed to let a property that isn’t fit to be used? They need to be struck off and sued as far as I am concerned. It took me a year to get damp repaired and that was after five requests, all ignored, and I had to enforce it by environmental health.

I would like to sue them and get compensation for all the years of suffering they’ve put me through.

I have a neighbour that blanks me, just like the previous tenants and I can’t have my friends to visit or stay as she starts banging.

I feel like I am living in hell.

January 2013

Prepared 16th July 2013