Culture, Media and Sport CommitteeFurther written evidence submitted by Dr Claire Hardaker

This is a brief note to add to a previous document submitted to the Culture, Media and Sport Committees inquiry into Online Safety. In brief, the CASS Centre at Lancaster University was successful in their bid for ESRC funding on a project that aims to investigate the rape threats sent by Twitter trolls to a number of high profile women (ES/L008874/1). The project will investigate what the language used by those who send rape/death threats on Twitter reveals about…

We’re hoping that this project will offer timely insight into an area where policy, practice, legislation, and enforcement is currently under intense scrutiny and requires this type of research to help shape future developments. As such, we would be pleased to pass on the results of this project as they come in, and it goes without saying that we would be delighted to also make available all of the final, official findings, reports, articles and so forth at the end of the project.

October 2013

Prepared 18th March 2014