Culture, Media and Sport CommitteeWritten evidence submitted by John Edgar Cameron Lowe


Thank you for this enquiry and allowing some of us to make a submission.

I write in a personal capacity as one who, with my wife, have constant contact with children through the church.

Sex is a very powerful force in many people’s lives.

When in its proper setting of raising children it is a good and right thing.

When out of its setting it is like fire out of control and does damage.

I have personally been damaged by adult material although this was in an age before the advent of the internet. I have felt the effects of this damage throughout the rest of my life.

Today the chances of children being damaged are enormous compared to years ago. I therefore fully agree with David Cameron, Michael Gove and others, that every possible effort should be made to get government, parents, internet providers, educators and charities to work together to provide all the protections necessary to safeguard them from the many different types of sexual corruption available online.

It is surely a crime to shatter the innocence of children and young people.

There is a solemn piece on the last page of the Bible that speaks of those that love and make a lie.

Those that make a lie are those that set up and publish these damaging and vile things.

Those that love a lie are those that delve into and watch them.

As responsible citizens, as many as possible need to do everything they can to address this massive problem.

May you all be helped in your deliberations.

September 2013

Prepared 18th March 2014