Culture, Media and Sport CommitteeWritten evidence submitted by Chris Evershed

Our young people are the future of the nation. Without them there is no future. How careful we need then to be in caring for and educating them so that a generation emerges that the country can be proud of.

The internet has brought considerable benefits to children, society and the business world. However it can, and is, being used to corrupt society and the very children that it should benefit. It is a sorrowful statistic as stated by Ofcom, that 81% of children aged 14 to 16 have viewed adult material online, whilst only 46% of parents have filters in place on their home internet.

Pornographic images can be viewed on the internet by young persons, so warping their minds. This can only lead to a rapid decline in moral standards, increased delinquency, dysfunctional families, and a proliferation of adults with no moral structure or ability to discriminate between right and wrong, good and evil. Because they see adults engaging in such actions it must be OK.

The government needs to act now and decisively, to address this extremely serious problem. Default blocking of all adult content should be the standard setting on all equipment sold in the UK that is able to access the internet, combined with robust age verification. Without this, children will continue to be damaged irretrievably.

There is also a tremendous increase in child pornography polluting the internet, and research by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) has alleged that more than half of those who view child abuse images go on to commit abuse themselves. This is a proof of the vicious spiral of moral decline that sets in when such activity is allowed. Internet Search Providers should be held responsible to track down child pornography and remove such images from the internet.

It is well to remember that the decline and fall of the Roman Empire was not due to any lack in the military might, by which their empire was formed, but by moral decline and degeneracy.

September 2013

Prepared 18th March 2014