Culture, Media and Sport CommitteeWritten evidence submitted by Malcolm Holmes

I present the following submission to the Committee as having a serious concern regarding the mind bending powerful influence of the media and internet. Young people have very receptive minds capable of remembering sights and images which can become seared into their thought processes.

As a Christian and acutely aware of the decline in moral standards in the western world, the uncontrolled access to pornography, and the ease with which online grooming and sexting, on the part of unscrupulous men in particular, can access vulnerable young people is alarming to say the least. The need of control of the corrupting content of adult content being accessed by youthful fertile minds is long overdue.

The technology for default blocking and use of filtering, to control and filter out unsuitable adult web pages is already available given the will to use it, there is no reason this cannot be made a mandatory requirement.

I appeal to the Committee to use their influence to ensure that an adequate provision is made for safety measure to be implemented.

September 2013

Prepared 18th March 2014