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List of additional written evidence

(published in the virtual Volume II on the Committee's website educom)

1  Professor Mel Ainscow, Centre for Equity in Education, University of
Manchester  Ev w1

2  Culm Co-operative Learning Partnerships  Ev w4

3  Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL)  Ev w6

4  Nottingham City Council (P Whitby—Education Partnership Strategy Manager)  Ev w9  

5  Girls' Day School Trust  Ev w13

6  Tavistock College  Ev w18

7  Northampton Town Area Improvement Partnership (NTAIP)  Ev w20

8  Rugby School  Ev w22

9  National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT)  Ev w25

10  Director of Partnerships at King's College School, Wimbledon  Ev w26

11  Liverpool Learning Partnership  Ev w29

12  GL Education Group  Ev w31

13  National Union of Teachers (NUT)  Ev w33

14  SCiPS, Education and Media  Ev w38

15  Collaborative Schools Ltd (SCL)  Ev w40

16  Myscience  Ev w49

17  Greater Manchester Partnership  Ev w52

18  NASUWT  Ev w56

19  National Association of School Partnerships  Ev w61

20  South End Education Trust  Ev w64

21  Cllr Ralph Berry, Bradford  Ev w67

22  pfeg (Personal Finance Education Group)  Ev w71

23  Kent County Council  Ev w73

24  Schools Co-operative Society South West  Ev w76

25  ATL  Ev w78

26  Co-operative UK  Ev w82

27  The Brigshaw Co-operative Trust  Ev w84

28  Tiverton High School  Ev w85

29  Independent Schools Council  Ev w86

30  National Governors Association  Ev w90

31  Devon County Council  Ev w95

32  The Dover Federation for the Arts Multi Academy Trust and the Duke of
York's Royal Military School  Ev w97

33  Titus Alexander  Ev w100

34  London Leadership Strategy  Ev w102

35  David Weston, Chief Executive, on behalf of the Teacher Development Trust  Ev w107

36  Wellington College  Ev w109

37  North Tyneside Learning Trust  Ev w111

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Prepared 6 November 2013