Energy and Climate Change CommitteeWritten evidence submitted by Dr Robert Zac Cox BDS (SMR07)


1. I write to you today in the great hope that, for once, a little common sense will be applied to a very serious subject.

That is, the FACT that ALL wireless devices utilizing radio frequencies (RF) are a DIRECT CAUSE OF DISEASE

So called “smart meters”’ will be endangering the public’s health by adding to the RF that people are exposed to.

2. The proof of this is all around you—brain tumours are now the commonest killers of young people. Until 20 years ago Leukaemia was the culprit.

The advent of wireless communication technology has not brought about a better, safer society but, rather has caused much suffering and un-necessary deaths.

3. The Freiburger appeal, originally signed by over ONE THOUSAND DOCTORS, highlights the health concerns of many scientists doctors and clinicians . The health concerns include cancer, heart complaints, diabetes, mental health issues, fertility issues, behavioural problems etc.

This has unfortunately been entirely ignored, presumably for financial reasons. The full report can be found here:

The appeal has since been signed by over 36 thousand doctors, clinicians and scientists.

The question is what have the government done with this information? Why has no significant action been taken? Why continue to expose innocent people to a possible carcinogen? (WHO classified RF as a 2b carcinogen)

4.Environmental disturbances have been widely observed and published since the advent of wireless communications rolling out smart meters will only add to the harm that man-kind has already inflicted upon Nature . All of Nature is damaged by RF ,the most widely publicised harm has been committed against the bees (colony collapse) ,birds (dwindling numbers of migratory species) and the trees (sudden oak death , ash die back etc etc):

5. In summary I have to point out that rolling out so called ‘smart meters’ will harm mankind’s health and also will harm Nature.

The science is absolutely clear on this, in spite of what the Health Protection Agency (or whatever they are called these days) says on the matter. The FACT is that the HPA are not being honest or truthful about this matter. They are NOT protecting the public but rather the industry. We’ve seen this awful behaviour before in the cases of tobacco , leaded petrol, asbestos, thalidomide etc etc.

I ask that you take great heed of the Freiburger appeal and take the right course of action in BANNING these diabolical devices.

February 2013

Prepared 26th July 2013