Energy and Climate Change CommitteeWritten evidence submitted by Ann Hardwick (SMR120)

To whom it may concern

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please do not issue me with a Smart meter. I do not wish my home to be invaded by such damaging technology.

This is a plea from a chronically ill private individual.

For over 30 years, I have been ill with severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivities from (amongst other things) pesticide spraying, and also have Electro Sensitivities.

After 40 years living in industrial Teesside I moved, three years ago to cleaner air in Northumberland.

We have taken great care to shield the whole house from EMF exposure.

The walls, floors, windows and ceilings have all been protected with EMF shielding materials and we have no wireless technology in our house. Our computers and telephones are wired and we do not allow mobile phone use or cordless phones etcetera to be used in the house.

We are shielded from outside television and phone masts and also from our neighbours’ technologies, also Tetra which the police and others make use of.

Where is our “ Freedom of Choice “?
And, furthermore—where is the evidence that Smart Meters are safe for living tissue?

I cannot say more but that it makes me very sad when time and time again, profit and gain is paramount to people.

What has happened to Humankind to make so many so greedy for wealth and power that it disregards the well being of mankind?

I do, very sincerely, hope and pray, that, although the deadline has passed for this correspondence, a caring individual, in the right place will heed this plea as I am, indeed, only one of many ( and the numbers are increasing at an overwhelming rate ) who has lost their health and their ability to live within any social situation.

March 2013

Prepared 26th July 2013