Energy and Climate Change CommitteeWritten evidence submitted by the World Foundation for Natural Science (SMR13)

I am writing to you in response to the Commons Select Committee call for responses to the proposed Smart Meter roll out. I would like to inform you that these smart meters emit microwave radiation. This radiation has been found to be harmful to human health and to the environment.

The evidence of harm of microwave radiation is recognised internationally by the World Health Organisation in classifying microwave radiation emitted from devices such as smart meters as a class 2B carcinogen (WHO, 2011). This decision was made in the face of now overwhelming evidence of the harm microwave radiation causes to the cells of the human body, in particular in causing cancer. The independent research continues to show that microwave radiation from devices such as smart meters causes harm to all life.

The recently updated BioInitiative Report, that reviewed thousands of scientific papers, documents this overwhelming evidence of harm to humans. This Report also categorically shows the ICNIRP Guidelines that the UK Government uses are out of date and based only on thermal radiation, derived from research into radar in the 2nd World War. Smart meters and other wireless devices emit non-thermal radiation: you don’t cook but all cellular life exposed to this radiation is irritated. Prolonged exposure can cause cell leakage, mitochondria depletion, immune system failure and ultimately disease, such as cancer. For these reasons, in 2009 the EU voted ICNIRP as “obsolete” by a massive 522 votes to 16 (EU 2009). Smart meters emit non-thermal radiation so when ICNIRP says the radiation from smart meters is below the “safety” standard, they are using an obsolete standard and measuring for the wrong kind of effect (BioInitiative 2012).

The European Environment Agency warned in 2009 that the evidence of harm from microwaves emitted from mobile phones and masts is now significant enough to take a precautionary principle to ensure that children in particular are protected (EEA 2009). This is the same radiation that smart meters emit. Should we not take the same precautionary approach in this country?

It stands to reason that if humans can be harmed by radiation then Nature will be similarly harmed. All life is cellular and nature is as organic as mankind. All life, from bees to birds, turtles to cows, insects to humans, relies upon the wonder of the natural electromagnetic currents that sweep the Earth. All life has a biomagnetic radiance and needs these ever dependable electromagnetic currents to live a healthy and vibrant life, in harmony with Nature, in this delicately balanced eco-system called planet Earth. The proposed smart meter roll out will further permeate our country with pulsed, microwave radiation working on a frequency identical to nature is having a massively damaging impact on the natural world.

It has been widely recognised and acknowledged that over the last 10 or more years bees and birds have been disappearing. The World Foundation for Natural Science has been informing the world of the global disappearance of the bees for many years. The disappearance and behavioural changes of the bees and birds coincides with the installation of mobile phone masts and wireless phone networks globally, and hence the massively increased levels of manmade microwave radiation (Warnke 2009), which is still increasing. With the proposed roll out of smart meters the increase in levels of manmade radiation will be even further elevated across this country. Are we prepared to accept that the Natural world on which we depend completely will be even more severely impacted?

In the face of now overwhelming scientific evidence of harm from microwaves to humans and nature, we urge you to reconsider the smart meter roll out. We are more than happy to talk with you and advise you on the effects of microwave radiation and introduce you to well-known independent experts who can advise you further.

Thank you for helping Mother Earth.

God Bless You!


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Note the scientific evidence of harm caused by microwave radiation is enormous, there are literally thousands of peer reviewed published papers in the mainstream scientific and medical literature showing this to be the case. The above references is a very small sample and we are happy to provide more should you request it.

February 2013

Prepared 26th July 2013