Energy and Climate Change CommitteeWritten evidence submitted by John Cox (SMR16)


Tring Says “No” To Smart Meters!

1. I am writing to express my objection to the use of smart meters in Tring, Hertfordshire, and the United Kingdom.

2. I say No to spying and loss of Human Rights with regards to privacy, which smart -meters encourage.

3. I say No to the intrusion to my home and surroundings and not only that it could lead to potential criminal acts as these so-called smart meters are easy to read from afar. Allowing the criminal mind access to your privacy. Any wireless device is liable to intrusion.

4. I say No to manmade microwave radiation which the smart meter operates in the range of. Although the smart meter is known to work at non-thermal levels there is substantial evidence, and research from medical and scientific backgrounds that state quite openly that this type of radiation is harmful to humans and nature. That’s pregnant women, children and babies too! Please find attached a list of references.

5. Not only is the smart meter device dangerous, unsafe and easy to hack into; the safety standards are not even based on non-thermal levels so how can they be quoted to be safe—without any adequate research! They haven’t even been tested! The HPA’s safety standards are antiquated and irresponsible.

6. How dare you experiment on the public! Shame on you!

7. I would also like to point out that the Government have already stated that the installation of a smart meter is non-compulsory. That means we have a choice. We shall be campaigning in Tring to allow the people the freedom of choice, and to let them know of the dangers.

8. I thank you for your attention on this, and I hope you understand my viewpoint on the roll out of smart meters. I think it would be smart not to roll them out until you have identified a safe technology to operate them in.

Recent Evidence (all from 2011, unless stated):

1. The World Health Organisation, International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B), based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer, associated with wireless phone use.

2. The European Council (PACE) consisting of 94 European politicians chaired by Lord Prescott released the following resolution 1815 for all member countries to implement precautionary use of wire-less devices; for example:

take all reasonable measures to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields, especially to radio frequencies from mobile phones, and particularly the exposure to children and young people who seem to be most at risk from head tumours.

3. Ovarian damage to young girls, this can affect not only the current children but every successive generation through the maternal DNA; as this DNA is known to suffer ten times more stress from microwave irradiation than other DNA (through oxidative and nitrosative reactions). Mitochondrial DNA (Mother) is irreparable. Please note the industries own REFLEX study showed DNA damage from low level microwave irradiation. (2009)

4. “Health effects on Children—Russian National Committee on Non-ionizing radiation” (with UNICEF) reports:

Central Nervous System disorders: increased by 85%.

Epilepsy: increased by 36%.

Mental retardation: increased by 11%.

Blood immune disorders with a risk to foetus: increased by 82% (10 year study).

5. Journal of International Neuroscience—Wi-Fi causes failure of neural activity (p300 component).

6. Duan reports tumours up 3,000% (three thousand!!) in China.

7. Australia 21% increase in paediatric cancers.

8. Case controlled study within the EU—elevated risk in tumours to children aged 7 years up.

All the above was attributed to the communication industries microwaves.

February 2013

Prepared 26th July 2013