Energy and Climate Change CommitteeWritten evidence submitted by Mrs Nash (SMR33)

I do not wish to have a smart meter on or near to my property. Since society has become obsessed with smart phones, wireless and mobile phone masts, my health has deteriorated. Every time I am in a shop, hospital, doctors surgery or on public transport where these technologies are present, I get dreadful headaches, feel sick, dizzy and faint. These symptoms persist for days, I cannot sleep and as a pensioner feel too afraid to go out on my own. I understand that smart meters run all day and all night and give off microwaves. These microwaves are what make me ill. I expect that thousands of people have become reclusive because they want to stay away from all the microwaves. I DO NOT WANT IT IN MY HOUSE OR MY NEIGHBOURS WHERE IT WILL ALSO AFFECT ME.


Mr Cameron needs to “purge” the culture of complacency within the smart technology industry. There are harrowing stories of microwave abuse in countries where smart meters have been installed. Residents have been made ill by them.

The HPA does not have in place a system to pick up complaints from the public about health problems associated with microwaves in the environment and in public places. I know of many people who have phoned the HPA and asked them to protect their health from mobile phone masts, but they just don’t want to know, and never record the complaints. It seems like it will be the same for smart meters.

Smart meters are a disaster waiting to happen to the health of many people. I do not need one and I do not want one. The public should be able to choose.

Information on the adverse health effects of this technology should be provided to every household, based on the experience of those who suffer, not those who want to make money from it all.

February 2013

Prepared 26th July 2013