Energy and Climate Change CommitteeWritten evidence submitted by Gail Holmewood (SMR35)

Fact, the chronic bursts or pulsing of smart metres have not been proven biologically safe for anyone. The wireless pulses have been measured at some 100 times that of a cell phone. There are also reports of series of fires and explosions from these smart metres. Current standards are grossly out of date, not taking into account the growing levels of microwave radiation exposure people now get 24/7 from various sources. Standards are based solely on the heating effect of microwave radiation, ignoring numerous studies world wide that point to other effects, including irregular heartbeats, melatonin depletion, which affects sleep, and abnormal mast cell proliferation, which affects the immune system and inflammation levels.

In May the World Health Organisation made an earth shattering declaration that non-ionizing radiation from cell phones, cell towers, wifi, and “smart” meters, has been linked with a number of cancers. “Smart” meter radiation is now categorized as a class 2b carcinogen in the same cancer causing category as lead, DDT, engine exhaust. Nevertheless these “Smart Meters” are deemed SAFE. These meters pose serious health risks to everyone.

People around the world are being made sick by these meters, what are we doing not only to humans but this world we live in we are destroying everything. They are extremely dangerous and absolutely frightening and should not be installed they should be banned.

I have an autoimmune disease/disorder, MCS etc and I will fight tooth and nail not to have them installed in my home.


February 2013

Prepared 26th July 2013