Energy and Climate Change CommitteeWritten evidence submitted by Charles Simpson (SMR38)

Smart Meters—Maybe Not-so-Smart Meters

I just found out about this deadline today, so I’m afraid I can only make a very personal submission.

Last year I bought an Apple iPad, what a treat I thought for my 60th birthday. Got a stiff neck and headache almost immediately and had to return it.

BT tried to improve my internet connection and gave me a new wireless router. Guess what, got a stiff neck and headache. Went back to my old wired router—no headache.

I won’t eat food cooked in a microwave. It makes me light headed and “woozy”.

These are just small examples of my experiences. I hasten to add I am nothing like some of the severely electrosensitive people I have read about and been in touch with. But “wireless” is a no-no as far as I am concerned.

If one seriously looks the suggestive evidence is there. My own interest is the effects on sodium channels. Interestingly both infrared and ultraviolet radiation inhibit sodium channels, so where are the safe frequencies in-between?

There are people badly affected by our chemicalised and electromagnetic modern world but they are in the minority. The main scientific establishment unfortunately bases its evidence on the how the majority are or are not affected. The long-term effects of wireless technology cannot be safely established, mainly because the current scientific model cannot suggest a process whereby this technology could have a bad effect, despite the obvious problems of the few unfortunate sufferers. It would of course be inconvenient for government, power companies etc if this harmful process was established. It is not in their interest to “look”. Science needs to look very deeply at these issues as the effects of wireless and electromagnetic technology are far more subtle and long term than might appear.

Please ... no smart meters. I wouldn’t allow one in my house. I would definitely get a headache.

February 2013

Prepared 26th July 2013