Energy and Climate Change CommitteeWritten evidence submitted by Margaret White (SMR43)

Executive Summary

The planned roll-out of wirelessly controlled smart meters across the UK should be abandoned. Analogue meters for electricity, gas and water utilities are the safest option and these should be retained on grounds of health, security and privacy. Recommendations by the EU on recognising protecting electrohypersensitive citizens from the radiation should be made a priority.

Exposures to microwave radiation should be reduced as a matter of urgency.

Health considerations should take priority over commercial desires to maximise profits.


The smart meters can be used to snoop on when people are at home and what they are doing. This is intrusive and a breach of our privacy.

The smart meters can be remotely control when and how we use our household equipment. This is totally unacceptable.


Wireless smart meters are wide open to hacking attacks and mischief.

Will the utilities fail turned off or turned on?


Smart meters will subject people to high levels of constant rapidly pulsing microwave radiation without their permission. The microwave radiation emitted is known to cause biological effects at levels well below the current ICNIRP guidelines.

Microwave Radiation is a Group 2b possible carcinogen [WHO IARC]

Low levels of radiation can cause genetic damage.

Microwave radiation causes a variety of physiological effects including:

increased the permeability of the blood brain barrier to noxious compounds, including mercury;

reduced melatonin secretion which is important for sleep and also immune function;

altered calcium transport; and

cardiovascular effects.

The EU Parliament recognises the exponential growth in electrohypersensitivity and the vulnerability of affected to electromagnetic radiation. The EU recommends that EU member states and also the WHO recognise electrohypersensitivity and also take immediate protective measures to protect them.

I am an EU citizen who is being harmed by the radiation. It is time that the UK government took action as recommended by the EU Parliament.

The EU Parliament 2009–2014


Written declaration on the recognition of multiple chemical sensitivity and electrohypersensitivity in the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD).

“The European Parliament,

having regard to its resolution of 4 September 2008 on the mid-term review of the European Environment and Health Action Plan 2004–2010, particularly recital J thereof, having regard to its resolution of 2April 2009 on health concerns associated with electromagnetic fields.

A.whereas health inequalities between different European countries should be eradicated;

B.whereas multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) patients are vulnerable to environmental pollution and electrohypersensitivity (EHS) patients to electromagnetic radiation, both involving serious risks in several areas over which they have no influence, such as the air they breathe and exposure to EM radiation:

1.Recommends that Member States which have not yet done so include MCS and EHS in their own ICDs and in their ILO-based Lists of Occupational Diseases; suggests that the WHO Assembly include MCS and EHS in its upcoming ICD-11;

2.Urges Member State governments to apply existing rules regarding EM radiation and exposure to harmful substances and to apply the precautionary principle strictly, with effective health and environmental measures, in order to immediately protect those affected, whose number is growing exponentially;

3.Suggests harmonising the rules on physical agents and harmful substances in the Member States, on the basis of the strictest existing criteria, and also placing controls on imported products;

4.Instructs its President to forward this declaration, together with the names of the signatories, to the Council, the Commission and the parliaments of the Member States.”


Medically documented health effects of microwave radiation.

Medical practitioners in Bamberg, Germany documented these symptoms occurring in their patients as a result of microwave radiation exposures.

Sleep disturbance, tiredness, depressive mood; headaches, restlessness, dazed state, irritability, disturbance of concentration, forgetfulness, learning difficulties, difficulty finding words. Group 4: Frequent infections, sinusitis, lymph node swellings, joint and limb pains, nerve and soft tissue pains, numbness or tingling, allergies; tinnitus, hearing loss, sudden hearing loss, giddiness, impaired balance, visual disturbances, eye inflammation, dry eyes; tachycardia, episodic hypertension, collapse; hormonal disturbances, thyroid disease, night sweats, frequent urge to urinate, weight increase, nausea, loss of appetite, nose bleeds, skin complaints, tumours, diabetes.

22/07/2005—German Doctors unite on RF health effects

The Austrian Medical Association report on Electrohypersensitivity:

I suggest that the committee and the Chief Medical Officer should read this report and circulate it widely to GPs, pharmacists, dentists, and universities in the UK.
“Austrian Medical Association guidelines for diagnosing and treating patients with electrohypersensitivity”.

Electrohypersensitive People are Especially at Risk

Smart meters pose a special health problem for electrohypersensitive [EHS] people who already CANNOT tolerate any longer the emissions from 2G/3G/4G

phone masts, TETRA, wifi, neighbours’ DECT phones. Many phone mast victims have already been forced to flee from their homes, sometimes several times to different accommodation, to escape from intolerable levels of the pulsed microwave radiation with its biologically active low frequency modulation.

NONE of the proposed wireless technologies are suitable for use because of immediate and long term health effects in those who are already EHS, and those who become health damaged as a result of the technology.

EMF RefugeesThe need to have a Place to Live

If the smart meter roll-out continues, there will be an ever increasing number of EHS individuals who will have NOWHERE where they can comfortably live without pain any more There will be nowhere to even escape for a short break even in remote locations, nowhere to visit friends or family.

The activities of daily living are already difficult enough already for electrohypersensitive people. Access to shops, employment, medical facilities, leisure facilities, libraries with wifi, council offices, social activities, cafes, restaurants and public transport facilities will become even more difficult, necessarily very brief, or more likely impossible, as a result of increased pain and health effects resulting from yet more microwave frequency exposures.

There will no longer be any possibility of getting some respite from the ever increasing exposures outdoors by staying at home indoors in a living room that has been shielded using very expensive shielding materials.

The Smart Meter will Result in “Dirty Electricity”

The microwave frequencies will be transmitted through the home on electrical wiring.

The adverse effects of dirty electricity are well known.

Whether the smart meters are indoors or even on the outside walls, the radiation will be transmitting all the time and there will be no possibility of escaping from it.

Whether the smart meters are indoors or even on the outside walls, the radiation will be transmitting all the time and there will be no possibility of escaping from it.

For the EHS individuals, the smart meters will be a source of permanent TORTURE. I will have nowhere to live, I will have no where to escape any more.

The utilities companies are misinforming the public.
They do not inform them of the health risks.
Even if, for now, people can opt out.
By bribing and coercing people to have smart meters in their homes.

There is plenty of evidence of smart meters causing health damage in the USA and Canada.

I seek assurance that we will not be forced in the future to have smart meters in our homes.
The analogue meters should be retained.

The production of analogue meters should be retained.

Smart meters will make the lives of those affected by the ever increasing blanket of pulsed microwave pollution even more of a LIVING HELL!

What we need are areas that are white zones where we can live without damaging our health and preferably can slowly regain our health in an unpolluted environment.

Electrohypersensitivity can affect anyone.
Oh, by the way my Masters degree is in Psychology.

Written evidence to Commons Select Committee


Date: 06.02.2013

“We have evidence that exposure to RF radiation… increases the risk of cancer, increases damage to the nervous system, causes electro-sensitivity, has adverse reproductive effects and a variety of other effects on different organ systems. There is NO justification for the statement that ‘Smart Meters’ have no adverse health effects.”

Dr. David Carpenter,
Director of the Institute of Health and Environment,
University of Albany, New York;
exhead of the New York Department of Public Health.

“The American Academy of Environment medicine [AAEM ] has called for the complete removal of ‘Smart’ Meters and a return to safe analogue… due to scientific and medical studies repeatedly showing health risks from exposure to microwaves emitted from wireless devices.”

American Academy of Environment; Medicine (AAEM), January 2011

“Smart Grid is a really stupid idea with attacks on the energy grid entirely possible.”

James Wooley, ex CIA Director on EnergyNOW, March 2012.

06 MAY 2011, Council of Europe Report:

“Potential dangers of EMFs and their effect on the environment—calls for IMMEDIATE reduction in exposure to EMFs by children. Advocates ‘precautionary principle’ be applied to wireless emissions to prevent public health disaster akin to tobacco, leaded petrol and asbestos.”

31 MAY 2011, World Health Organisation categorises Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields (RF EMFs) as a CLASS 2B POSSIBLE CARCINOGEN—the same as lead, DDT, chloroform & mercury.

1. I wish to explain to the Commons Select Committee why I cannot and will not allow the so called “smart” meters to be installed in my home.

I refuse to subject myself to the government approved torture of having the involuntary exposure to the radiation from smart meters in my home.

2. I want the members to understand why having a smart meter in my own home and/or having the smart meter emissions from other homes criss-crossing my home and garden will make my home and garden no longer habitable. The same applies to all the other people who have become unwilling victims of the rapidly increasing levels of involuntary exposure to pulsed microwave radiation.

3. The government and the utilities companies are totally misleading the general public about the health dangers of the microwave radiation emitted by smart meters in their leaflets and in discussions. In fact they are not mentioning the health effects of microwave radiation at all. Nor are they telling people that they do NOT have to have the smart meters in their homes, when the government now says that they are NOT mandatory.

4. Insisting that [almost] all UK homes will have smart meters microwave exposures is a large-scale public health experiment which may seriously damage the health of the nation long term and increase NHS spending.

5. The HPA have wilfully neglected their duty to actually READ the extensive peer reviewed published research showing adverse effects of pulsed microwave radiation. The HPA repeats the WHO EMF Project claims about “no research showing adverse effects”. This is utter nonsense and a blatant lie.

The studies showing adverse effects are actually listed on the WHO Database and PubMed!

When the WHO EMF Project do “reviews” they deliberately leave out all mention of the studies showing adverse health effects. Not surprising when the WHO EMF project is led by former mobile telecoms employees.

6. The UK government has ignored EU advice about reducing exposures and taking into account the needs of electrohypersensitive individuals. This is where the UK should be following the EU recommendations.

7. The Austrian Medical Association has written a report on Electrohypersensitivity:

I suggest that you and your Chief Medical Officer should read it and circulate it to GPs in the UK.

Austrian Medical Association guidelines for diagnosing and treating patients with electrohypersensitivity:

8. The EU accepted the BioInitiative Report [I] which reviewed around 2000 research documents showing adverse effects of EMR and recommended biologically based exposure levels, instead of the present ICNIRP guidelines which are based only on heating effects over 6 minutes! The EU called the ICNIRP guidelines OBSOLETE and called for new biologically based levels, The EU also recommended that member states should take account of the needs of the electrohypersensitive.

The UK government has failed to do so.

9. The BioInitiative Report II has recently been published with updated research showing the even more urgent need for action to be taken to reduce exposures.

10. I have also objected to the smart meters on grounds of security/privacy. I do not want a device transmitting information about my occupancy and activities in my home.

11. For health reasons, I refuse to have ANY microwave frequency emitting device in my home [the microwaves frequency range is 300 MHz—300 GHz: The Stewart Report].

12. I became electrohypersensitive as a result of constant high levels of exposure from nearby telecommunications masts over a number of years. My sensitivity is worsened by the presence of metal implants that can act as antennae, following surgeries.

13. The ICNIRP recognises that their guidelines levels may not be appropriate for people with implants. Importantly, I am a cardiac patient and the microwave radiation has serious cardiac effects. It seriously increases my blood pressure despite medication, it affects my heart rate.

14. Following chronic 24/7 phone mast exposures in my home, my allergic response has generalised and I now cannot tolerate the emissions from any microwave emitting devices: mobile phones, TETRA , DECT cordless phones, WiFi, Bluetooth.

This makes life difficult given the ever increasing levels of pollution where I live.

15. I have spent a lot of money trying to reduce the exposures in at least part of my home. New windows, shielding materials, a shielding canopy using the type of silver materials used to protect the military. The situation has worsened since the more penetrative 4G was introduced making it necessary to buy a different shielding material to put on top of my canopy just so that I can sleep and not prickle and burn from head to foot all night.

16. I have to wear shielding clothing when I go into the town to protect myself and try to reduce the headache, ear pains, prickling burning skin symptoms. I wear a shielding jacket to protect my chest because of the heart problems.

I cannot tolerate more microwave exposures from smart meters in my home!

I am a cardiac patient. The radiation causes increased blood pressure, pulse rate and cardiac irregularities. That is why I wear shielding clothing outdoors.

17. Are you aware that German doctors have reported that the microwave frequencies can cause cardiovascular effects? Are you aware of the research by Magda Havas?

18. There are two bedrooms in my home where I cannot sleep and a study where I cannot study because of the phone mast radiation and some WiFi/DECT coming in from neighbours.. The analogue meters are in this study, Thus, any smart meters would be transmitting through the house constantly within a couple of metres of me—exposing me to intolerable levels. It would be impossible for me to shield the study and the rest of the house against this radiation.

19. This would mean that there would be nowhere that I can live in my home.

But there is also the added pollution caused by the surrounding houses with smart meters that will be transmitting all the time.

20. Electroshypersensitive people will become even more isolated as ever more premises become “no go” areas. The electrosensitive community already face severe challenges trying to find areas of low radiation where they can live. Many flee from their homes.

By putting smart meters into all homes—or almost all homes—you are making it impossible for us to find anywhere to live.

It will be impossible to escape from the mental and physical TORTURE caused by these devices. Whether the smart meter is in your own home or nearby.

21. What are the potential benefits of smart meters for consumers, and what barriers need to be overcome in order for consumers to realise them?

There are absolutely NO benefits of a wireless based smart meter.

For us they will be another instrument of torture!

22. What can be learned from the roll-out of smart meters in other countries?

1.Smart meters are a health hazard.

The introduction of smart meters in Canada and the USA has caused severe health problems for those people who were already electrohypersensitive [EHS].

They have also caused health problems for many people who were NOT previously electrohypersensitive.

They interfere with sensitive electrical devices such as heart pacemakers.

2.Smart meters in North America have exploded and caught fire!

3.Smart meters do not save money.

A recent study in Canada found 80% of “Smart” homes faced higher bills, often over 50% higher. Similar patterns have been seen in the US.

4.Recently, the USA government forced residents to accept smart meters. Those who refused were arrested and the meters installed anyway.

23. At the UK House of Commons Question Time it was confirmed that residents would NOT be forced to have the smart meters.

Would the committee members please confirm that the UK will NOT at a later date via legislation or exorbitant charges for keeping analogue meter. The USA has made it impossible for people to refuse the smart meters and people have even been arrested for refusing to allow meters to be installed.

I seek your assurance that the rights of the electrohypersensitive will be protected.

24. Financial aspects.

It is important that electrohypersensitive people and/or those refusing smart meters should not be financially penalised through higher utility charges. Many sufferers have lost their work already because of their sensitivity.

25. Will smart meters empower customers to take greater control of their energy consumption?

You do not need a smart meter to reduce consumption. Just turn off lights when not needed. Anyway, you can buy a non-wireless device for around £20 if you want to measure electricity usage. Smart meters and meter networks are not needed.

26. What is the best way of involving third-party trusted messengers, such as charities, consumer groups, community organisations, local authorities and housing associations in roll-out?

This should not happen. Indoctrinating people with the mobile industry disinformation about lack of problems with the technology and sending them out to mislead people who are equally ignorant of the dangers of the radiation into blindly accepting the smart meters is immoral!

27. What are the potential obstacles to rolling out smart meters in the UK and how should these be addressed? What pitfalls have hindered roll-out programmes elsewhere and are we doing all we can to avoid them?

There is a basic problem in that the technology is unsafe, It makes people ill, not only the electrohypersensitive but also people who were not electrohypersensitive.

My friend recently had a new supposedly electronic meter fitted in her home last year. I have visited her home for 40 years without problem. Now I cannot visit her without wearing shielding clothing.

28. The government and the HPA has deliberately misinformed GPs about the health effects of the radiation.

29. If you are affected by the smart meter radiation—then where the HELL do you live in the UK.

30. The consumers concerns about privacy and safety are being totally IGNORED by the government and by the power companies. It has taken a report by Dr Andrew Goldsworthy to draw the attention to the problems associated with the technology.

31. Is there any evidence that consumers’ concerns about smart meters are declining or growing?

They are growing because ever more people are becoming adversely affected healthwise by the ever increasing microwave radiation exposures.

32. Will the commercial benefits of smart meter roll-out be captured within the UK?

The roll-out of smart meters using wireless frequencies should be cancelled.
Health is more important than the commercial interests of telecommunications companies and utilities companies.

February 2013

Prepared 26th July 2013