Energy and Climate Change CommitteeWritten evidence submitted by Caroline Davies (SMR49)

I am vehemently opposed to this proposed roll out for the four main reasons outlined below.

Serious potential risk to health from microwave and EMR emissions from proposed Smart Meters.

Negligible benefits, if any, to consumers. There is an obvious conflict of interest for energy companies who profit from consumer energy consumption and the realistic expectation of them actually passing on the so-called savings. It doesn’t happen currently, why would the status quo change for this?

Negligible benefits to the environment if the roll out is not properly regulated.

Yet more intrusion into people’s private lives to collect data on consumers that will be used almost entirely for the benefit of large corporations and not the end user.

In your text preceding the submission instructions there is NO mention of the potential hazards and dangers to health of installing these Smart Meters in people’s residences, just how to address concerns so that they don’t hamper the proposed roll out.

I am individual living in a residential area with my grown up family. We are very well informed about healthy living environments and have gone to significant lengths to ensure we live in a healthy and hazard free atmosphere (as much as is humanly possible) with minimal pollution from WiFi, microwaves and EMR.

Therefore I am appalled at the prospect of Smart Meters which use microwave technology being installed in the midst of people’s living environment without them being made aware of the health implications in any way, shape or form by a Government which is supposed to protect its citizens. Unfortunately, yet again, the reverse appears to be true with the interests of huge corporations and their endless pursuit of profits being flagrantly being put before the best interests of the electorate.

I am sure that the “engagement” process you refer to will include glossing over these very health issues in order to achieve your aims, not letting trifling matters like individual or human rights getting in the way.

As for the so-called “benefits” the only bodies who appear to benefit are the energy companies, as concluded by the Vassas ETT Global Energy Think Tank Report (2010), link below.

In addition, I quote the World Health Organisation as follows: “World Health Organisation declares Wireless a cancer risk...Mesh Network must be deactivated to protect human health”.

I could go on, but time is of the essence and I wish to submit my views on this potential health disaster that this country appears to be sleepwalking into.

In closing, I wish to state categorically that I will NOT allow a Smart Meter to be installed either inside my home or anywhere within the boundary of my home. Furthermore, I will endeavour to educate and inform everyone in my power about this travesty in the hope that more people will wake up to the dangers of this and refuse installation as well.

February 2013

Prepared 26th July 2013