Energy and Climate Change CommitteeWritten evidence submitted by Susan Ledger (SMR57)

From the points of reference: Are concerns about privacy and health being addressed adequately?

For those of us who suffer from Electrical Hyper sensitivity it could appear not.

As an extreme sufferer I am already very limited in many aspects of my life. I am affected by mobile phones, phone masts, many items of domestic electrical appliances, lighting, computers (for this reason this document will be brief), Wi-fi, etc, which effectively prevents me from travelling, socialising, etc. I never leave the house without protective clothing but at the moment I can be relatively comfortable in my shielded home. I suspect that were Smart meters to be installed in my vicinity that relative comfort would be destroyed.

It appears that the World Health Organisation’s IARC classifies wireless smart meter and mobile phone radiation as a 2B possible carcinogen and also that consequently the UK government advises that children should not use mobile phones except in an emergency.

Surely it therefore follows logically that it is wrong for utility companies to pretend that wireless meters are safe or appropriate for the health of their domestic customers, where house-holds naturally will include children.

Sufferers such as myself are already disenfranchised in so many ways in this age of technology and I beg the Select Committee to consider carefully the health implications of moving towards Smart Meters for all.

February 2013

Prepared 26th July 2013