Energy and Climate Change CommitteeWritten evidence submitted by Helen Lovell (SMR64)


I have chronic health conditions, namely Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Electro-sensitivity. These are longstanding complaints which made it necessary for me to take early retirement from my former employer in 2002.

I have found that my ill-health symptoms worsen considerably when I am exposed to electro-magnetic radiation emitted from mobile phone masts, other peoples’ mobile phones, Wi-Fi, DECT cordless telephones and other wireless technologies.

The main symptoms I experience are increased fatigue levels, inability to concentrate, disorientation, face flushing and digestive problems. Exposure to such technologies also gives me very bad insomnia, which then has a bad knock-on effect for how I feel the next day. The effect of exposure is cumulative if it is 24/7 and also leads to depression.

In my own home I used a wired landline telephone and a wired router for my laptop. I do not have a mobile phone. These are the steps I can take to reduce my exposure to radiation. Unfortunately I have no control over what my neighbours choose to have in their own homes and neighbours’ Wi-Fi signals are present in my home.

I feel very strongly opposed to the prospect of wireless smart meters being fitted not only on my property, but on my neighbours’ properties too, all of which would increase the general radiation levels in my own home. I will object to any proposed smart meter for my home.

Unfortunately it is only today that I have been made aware of the need to provide comments to the Select Committee and that the deadline is today. I do not have the energy to make any further representation regarding the scientific evidence against EMFs from wireless technologies, but trust that this will be put forward to you by various organisations including the charity ES-UK who campaign for the rights of people who are electro-sensitive.

February 2013

Prepared 26th July 2013