Energy and Climate Change CommitteeWritten evidence submitted by Peter Kalinowski (SMR70)

We are responding to the Consultation on the use of Smart Meters in homes.

I wish to make the following two main points:

1.The health risk from Smart Meters has caused a backlash by consumers in the United States and in Germany and it is important that this evidence should be taken into account in the United Kingdom.

2.A false proposition that Smart Meters can reduce electricity consumption.


In the last week of January we installed a Smart Meter provided by British Gas to enable us to manage our electricity consumption. We have just come across the evidence provided by Dr. Dietrich Klinghard of Seattle about the significant health risks arising from installing Smart Meters by Electricity Companies across the whole of the United States. This is the reason we are submitting this document as we are extremely concerned that the Government’s Committee should not ignore this body of evidence.

Health Risk

Dr. Klinghard’s video and papers reveal that the electromagnetic field generated by a Smart Meter pulsing device attached to the mains cable exceeds the acceptable magnetic field standards issued by the World Health Organisation. There is a nationwide backlash against the use of Smart Meters in the United States, as in Germany, and it is important that the Committee takes this data into account. The impact on children and those susceptible to EMFs is severe.

Managing Electricity Consumption

We have found that the Smart Meter device merely tells you what you already know. The power consumption and energy levels of electric devices are clearly stated on labelling visible at the time of purchase eg Cookers, refrigerators, televisions, computers, lightbulbs etc. As most electricity is consumed in the morning and evening peaks you don’t need a Smart Meter to tell you that. We have found no benefit whatsoever of using the Smart Meter except it confirms what we already knew.

February 2013

Prepared 26th July 2013