Energy and Climate Change CommitteeWritten evidence submitted by John Muir (SMR75)

Please I beg you as one who has unwittingly become very electro sensitive the roll out of these meters would make my already very difficult life unimaginably bad. I don’t object to the monitoring of my electricity supply although I do fail to see the benefits and as far as I can tell no community in the world has benefited from lower energy bills through using these meters. The main thing that seems to be occurring is certain individuals are having to abandon their homes or communities and move to area’s where smart meters are no longer deployed.

As one who became electro sensitive and wasn’t born this way we all have the potential to experience this, as another friend recently found out after getting titanium pins fitted. Once you are electro sensitive EMF feels painful to you and is very distressing. I currently react the same to EMF and I do to smoking or other forms of pollution.

I was as shocked as the next person to develop this problem and I can only think that this will become a serious issue in the coming years.

The main thing is with everyone having a internet connection why are these meters designed to use a very aggressive EMF peer to peer strategy? I wouldn’t object to these if it made sense but to drown my environment with EMF’s while appearing to only transmit small amounts of data makes no sense either. Also the cost of electricity used to maintain these wireless networks will have to be generated whereas now this isn’t required.

I can only state that if a smart meter was deployed in my house or my neighbours then I would have to leave my already isolated home, my next neighbours wifi has rendered most of my home uninhabitable by me and I can only assume smart meter installation would make the situation far worse.

I know it’s impossible to understand how ill this makes you feel until it happens to you. I use to use a mobile phone, love wireless networks etc. and then literally overnight after a short illness the use of any of these EMF generating devices made me feel very sick indeed.

There is already scientific evidence that EMF’s are damaging to biological system’s and I can unfortunately agree with that. I would love to be back in the situation where I know nothing of this and would be in complete ignorance of the effects of this.

It is unfortunate that the science industry is ignoring the health effects of EMF’s until it will be too late. With smart meters everywhere you are doing the equivalent of injecting smoking into every room of someone’s house.

I know it’s impossible and almost unbelievable to understand that people can be made ill by these but the evidence is all around, there seems to be unfortunately far more evidence from individuals than the scientific industry, I can only assume no-one is paying to identify what it is about EMF that is making individuals ill.

It is even more unfortunate that the UK establishment hasn’t recognised this as compared to some other European countries. I can only hope and pray that our government will not make the mistake of rolling out these high polluting EMF devices into our land. If they are going to have to create another world for those who can’t stand to be in the presence of these fields to live in.

I don’t object to smart meters I do object to the needless EMF that these will produce.

Please remember our scientific model is very poor at discovering when new innovations create serious problems in the population. As it has chosen to ignore individual options and only if we can reproduce the effect in a petri dish will it be believed? Look how long it took to identify smoking as one of the main killers of the population and a third of my relatives died from it at least.

From the Second World War it has been known that microwave radiation cause’s serious illness, my father who was a scientist during the war was aware of the effects of this and talked about the strange illnesses the scientists developed.

I don’t want to be one of those people I reading about who are having to live in the hills\caves or caravans 30 miles from anyone else. I wouldn’t mind if you had an option to turn the EMF on or off and to restrict it to dwellers property—but alas EMF as it is currently used to designed to go as far and wide as possible.

Again I’m all for individual choice in the matter, if you want to deploy more EMF into your environment then that’s the risk you take and if it doesn’t effect you then fine. What I object to strongly is that when your neighbours EMF pollutes your own environment unintentionally causing others discomfort. And unfortunately smart meters aren’t designed to stay within the property boundaries they are designed to flood the entire neighbourhood with EMF.

How this can save us electricity is an impossibility, we should be designing meters to use less electricity not more. And making them safer for individuals and families not less.

Please I beg you and I pray do not use this technology that will pollute the environment more than it is already.

February 2013

Prepared 26th July 2013