Energy and Climate Change CommitteeWritten evidence submitted by Monika Curry (SMR79)

I am a private individual and CAM practitioner with health science degree.

I am writing to you to voice my strong concern about blanket use of Smart meters in UK households. It is suggested that these Smart Cards use strong signal akin to microwaves and there seem to be lack of conclusive evidence that constant exposure to these waves would not be injurious to human health.

As a practitioner I am aware of anecdotal evidence that patients commonly patients commonly improve when as a part of their treatment plan, they reduce their exposure to radiation from their mobile phones, and if they ban any such devices, including cordless phones from their bedroom. Most CAM practitioners are concerned about the effect of mobile base stations, mobile phones, wi-fi hot spots and other such equipment especially such which emits high frequency pulsing microwaves. Which I believe is the case with the SMART meters.

In my practice I see increasing numbers of people with disrupted sleep patterns, patients with varying degrees of mood swings including depression, hormonal disturbances and children with sleep and behavioural problems. Although mobile phone usage and other sources of radiation can not be blamed entirely for these problems, people are exposed to phenomenal amount of all sorts of man made environmental radiation and much more research needs to be done whether the levels of exposures to all sort of environmental radiation do not contribute to all sort Environmental illness and general un-wellness of the population. Preferably research which is not financed by the concerned industry.

Please take this into an account when making decision about such equipment. What might be saved on energy in this case might be then spent in healthcare bills. May we trust in your common sense considering this issue.

February 2013

Prepared 26th July 2013