Energy and Climate Change CommitteeWritten evidence submitted by Lynn Alford-Burow (SMR97)

Abstract: Safety issues concerning cellular damage from Electro-magnetic radiation from Smart Meters have not been addressed. Vulnerable people are likely to show symptoms of radiation sickness from environmental overload exacerbated by additional radiation from Smart Meters.

1. I am a registered and insured nutritional therapist who sees clients who have serious health issues such as cancer, auto-immune disorders, infertility, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, hormone imbalances or diabetes and other health problems. Where I have ordered a DNA test to check DNA damage sources, this can often pinpoint radiation as a primary factor. Radiation may come from power lines, wireless communications, microwave ovens, cordless phone bases, cell phones, cell towers, computer laptops and many more items people can be exposed to daily.

2. My own health has been affected by excess electro-magnetic radiation from x-rays, cell towers and wi-fi in my vicinity.

3. It is known that constant exposure to excessive electro-magnetic radiation can cause symptoms such as insomnia, exhaustion, blood sugar imbalances, hypertension, aggressive behaviours and cell mutations.

4. Smart Meters give off electromagnetic radiation which can damage cell functioning.

5. The technology has not been tested over any length of time to check human safety.

6. I object to Smart Meters being installed in any homes. I do not wish one to be installed in my home.

February 2013

Prepared 26th July 2013