Energy and Climate Change CommitteeWritten evidence submitted by Claire Smith (SMR109)

I am writing to express my grave concerns about the health and ethical issues surrounding the use of Smart Meters.

There is growing indisputable evidence from their use in the US and Europe that Smart Meters are causing a marked and rapid deterioration in the health of inhabitants of homes fitted with them. Smart meters have been shown to emit electromagnetic radiation levels 600 times higher than the EPA acceptable safe limits and are constantly “switched on”, communicating with neighbouring meters and mobile phone masts 24 hours a day. They have not been tested or approved by EU legislation. In studies in the US, observed effects on health have been directly attributed to Smart Meter use. Concern is so great that some US states have completely opted out of their use.

The most vulnerable groups are young people, children and unborn babies. We are sitting on a ticking health time bomb for the future health of our nation if we allow Smart Meters to be installed. It is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE for this UNSAFE, UNTESTED, UNPROVEN technology to be forced upon consumers in a mass roll-out. Even if it is optional, the neighbours of homes with a SMart Meter will also be affected and have no means of avoiding the harmful effects as they cannot turn them off.

The UK population are being used as guinea pigs in a misguided and potentially catstrophic experiment, which seems to have little to do with helping consumers and more to do with lining the pockets of greedy and unscrupulous energy suppliers. It is nanny state at best and mass suicide at worst!


February 2013

Prepared 26th July 2013