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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the Committee's inquiry web page at CCS numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1  Basf Plc (CCS0001)

2  James Verdon et al., University of Bristol (CCS0002)

3  Simon Shackley, Dr Leslie Mabon and Benjamin Evar, University of Edinburgh (CCS0003)

4  Chris Hodrien (CCS0004)

5  Plymouth Marine Laboratory (CCS0005)

6  Research Councils UK (CCS0006)

7  Zero Emissions Platform (Zep) (CCS0007)

8  Bbf Biochar Cic (CCS0008)

9  Resus Technology Ltd. (CCS0009)

10  UK Carbon Capture & Storage Research Centre (CCS0010)

11  The UK Advanced Power Generation Technology Forum (CCS0011)

12  Energy Technologies Institute (CCS0012)

13  Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, The University of Manchester (CCS0013)

14  John Midgley (CCS0016)

15  Shell International Ltd. (CCS0017)

16  The Crown Estate (CCS0019)

17  Coalimp (CCS0020)

18  Oil & Gas UK (CCS0021)

19  TUC (CCS0022)

20  Mineral Products Association (CCS0023)

21  SCCS, University of Edinburgh (CCS0024)

22  David Reiner (CCS0025)

23  International Biochar Initiative And Uk Biochar Research Centre (CCS0026)

24  Carbon Capture and Storage Association (CCS0027) (CCS0047)

25  Grantham Research Institute, LSE (CCS0028)

26  Engineering The Future (CCS0032)

27  E3G (CCS0033)

28  Rodney John Allam (CCS0034)

29  2Co Energy Ltd (CCS0035)

30  The Government Chemist (CCS0036)

31  Capture Power (CCS0037)

32  Jon Gibbins and Hannah Chalmers (CCS0038)

33  CO2DeepStore (CCS0039)

34  The Geological Society (CCS0040)

35  Tony Day (CCS0041)

36  DECC (CCS0042)

37  International Energy Agency (CCS0043)

38  Summit Power Group (CCS0046)

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Prepared 21 May 2014