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List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

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The reference number of the Government's response to each Report is printed in brackets after the HC printing number.

Session 2013-14
First ReportEmbedding sustainable development: an update HC 202 (HC 633)
Second ReportOutcomes of the UN Rio+20 Earth Summit HC 200 (HC 633)
Third ReportTransport and accessibility to public services HC 201 (HC 632)
Fourth ReportProtecting the Arctic: The Government's response HC 333
Fifth ReportProgress on Carbon Budgets HC 60 (HC 928)
Sixth ReportBiodiversity Offsetting HC 750
Seventh ReportSustainability in BIS HC 613 (HC 1069)
Eighth ReportCodes for Sustainable Homes and the Housing Standards Review HC 192
Ninth ReportEnergy subsidies HC 61 (HC 1103)
Tenth ReportSustainability in the UK Overseas Territories HC 332
Eleventh ReportPlastic bags HC 861

Session 2012-13
First ReportThe St Martin-in-the-Fields seminar on the Rio+20 agenda HC 75
Second ReportProtecting the Arctic HC 171 (HC 858)
Third ReportWildlife Crime HC 140 (HC 1061)
Fourth ReportAutumn Statement 2012: environmental issues HC 328 (HC 1087)
Fifth ReportMeasuring well-being and sustainable development: Sustainable Development Indicators HC 667 (HC 139)
Sixth ReportEnergy Intensive Industries Compensation Scheme HC 669 (Cm 8618)
Seventh ReportPollinators and Pesticides

Session 2010-12
First ReportEmbedding sustainable development across Government, after the Secretary of State's announcement on the future of the Sustainable Development Commission HC 504 (HC 877)
Second ReportThe Green Investment Bank HC 505 (HC 1437)
Third ReportSustainable Development in the Localism Bill HC 799 (HC 1481)
Fourth ReportEmbedding sustainable development: the Government's response HC 877
Fifth ReportThe impact of UK overseas aid on environmental protection and climate change adaptation and mitigation HC 710 (HC 1500)
Sixth ReportBudget 2011 and environmental taxes HC 878 (HC 1527)
Seventh ReportCarbon Budgets HC 1080 (HC 1720)
Eighth ReportPreparations for the Rio +20 Summit HC 1026 (HC 1737)
Ninth ReportAir Quality a follow up Report HC 1024 (HC 1820)
Tenth ReportSolar Power Feed-in Tariffs (Joint with the Energy and Climate Change Committee) HC 1605 (HC 1858)
Eleventh ReportSustainable Food HC 879 (HC 567)
Twelfth ReportA Green Economy HC 1025 (HC 568)

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