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10.  Before drawing any conclusions, DCLG must examine the September 2013 study by Element Energy and Davis Langdon on the cost of CSH compliance with particular reference to the apparent decreases in the capital cost of installing renewable energy. It should share that assessment with us, publish it and take into account our comments before winding down the CSH. (Paragraph 14)

11.  DCLG must maintain CSH energy assessments as a tool for local authorities to lever in renewable energy until Building Regulations deliver genuinely zero carbon homes, which was the original target and is defined by CSH level 6. (Paragraph 33)

12.  DCLG must maintain and develop the CSH assessment standard on sustainable construction materials. (Paragraph 37)

13.  In order to facilitate local choice, to promote green growth, green exports and green innovation, to establish a meaningful zero carbon homes standard, to consolidate seven years' experience of sustainable development and to maintain and further develop incremental gains in sustainable home building, we urge DCLG not to wind down the Code for Sustainable Homes. (Paragraph 41)

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Prepared 20 November 2013