Draft Dangerous Dogs (Amendment) Bill - Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee Contents

6  Conclusion

46.  The draft Bill is welcome as far as it goes, particularly in extending the law to cover attacks made by dangerous dogs within homes. We have set out above reservations about the extent of the 'householder case', the definition of 'assistance dog' and the clarity of the new provisions relating to 'fit and proper' persons who may own a dog. We regret that the Government has not taken the opportunity to go further, particularly as regards Dog Control Notices and the consolidation of the various measures relating to dog control and breeding. We are disappointed that the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill introduced the dangerous dogs measures shortly before publication of this report since we make a number of recommendations here that have therefore not been taken into account in the published measures. We urge the Government to adopt our recommendations and put forward amendments reflecting these during the passage of the Bill through the House. We look forward to proposing amendments, if necessary, at the appropriate stage on the recommendations made in both this and our previous report.

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Prepared 16 May 2013