The Government's response to the Committees' Reports on the 2014 block opt-out decision - European Scrutiny, Home Affairs and Justice Committees Contents

European Scrutiny Committee

The European Scrutiny Committee is appointed under Standing Order No. 143 to examine EU documents, report its opinion on their legal and political importance, recommend documents for debate and consider related issues.

Home Affairs Committee

The Home Affairs Committee examines the expenditure, administration and policy of the Home Office and its associated public bodies.

Justice Committee

The Justice Committee examines the expenditure, administration and policy of the Ministry of Justiceand its associated public bodies, and the administration and expenditure of the Attorney General's Office, and its associated public bodies.

Current membership

European Scrutiny Committee: Mr William Cash (Chair), Andrew Bingham,
Mr James Clappison, Michael Connarty, Geraint Davies, Julie Elliott, Stephen Gilbert, Nia Griffith, Chris Heaton-Harris, Kelvin Hopkins, Chris Kelly, Stephen Phillips, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Mrs Linda Riordan, Henry Smith, Mr Mike Thornton

Home Affairs Committee: Keith Vaz (Chair), Ian Austin, Nicola Blackwood,
Mr James Clappison, Michael Ellis, Paul Flynn, Lorraine Fullbrook, Dr Julian Huppert, Yasmin Qureshi, Mark Reckless, Mr David Winnick

Justice Committee: Sir Alan Beith (Chair), Steve Brine, Rehman Chishti,
Mr Christopher Chope, Jeremy Corbyn, John Cryer, Nick de Bois, Gareth Johnson,
Mr Elfyn Llwyd, Andy McDonald, John McDonnell, Yasmin Qureshi


The Home Affairs Committee and the Justice Committee areboth departmental select committees, the powers of which are set out in House of Commons Standing Orders, principally in SO No. 152. These are available on the internet via

The European Scrutiny Committee's powers are set out in House of Commons Standing Order No 143. The scrutiny reserve resolution, passed by the House, provides that Ministers should not give agreement to EU proposals which have not been cleared by the European Scrutiny Committee, or on which, when they have been recommended by the Committee for debate, the House has not yet agreed a resolution. The scrutiny reserve resolution is printed with the House's Standing Orders, which are available at


Committee reports are published by The Stationery Office by Order of the House and are available on the Committees' websites at:

European Scrutiny Committee:

Home Affairs Committee:

Justice Committee:

Committee staff contacts for this Report

European Scrutiny: Sarah Davies (Clerk), Home Affairs: Tom Healey (Clerk),
Justice:Nick Walker (Clerk) and Alex Paterson (Media Officer).

Correspondence and inquiries

All correspondence should be addressed to the Clerk of the European Scrutiny Committee, House of Commons, 7 Millbank, London SW1P 3JA. The telephone number for general enquiries is 020 7219 3292; the Committee's email address is

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