Home AffairsLetter from Rosemary Fernandes, Crown Advocate, Special Crime and Counter Terrorism Division, Crown Prosecution Service, 27 March 2013

Further to my letter dated 12 March 2013. I have now received the information I sought from the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

The position of the Crown Prosecution Service is that we would support the Metropolitan Police Service DPS unit’s position in relation to neither being able to confirm or deny whether the individuals with whom your clients were in a relationship with were in fact undercover officers.

I understand that your clients are deeply distressed at the situation in which they find themselves. However, I hope that you and the DPS MPS will be able to reach an understanding in order to allow this investigation to progress.

If you need further assistance please do not hesitate to contact Piers Arnold who will be assuming conduct of this case.

Prepared 25th October 2013