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1.  Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) are a central feature in the new landscape of policing, alongside the new National Crime Agency (NCA) and the College of Policing. The first elections for Police and Crime Commissioners were held on 15 November 2012 and the Commissioners took office on 22 November 2012. Elections will take place every four years.

2.  The role of the PCC is to ensure an efficient and effective police force and hold the Chief Constable to account for the delivery of the PCC's "police and crime plan", which sets the strategic direction for each force. The Police and Crime Commissioner is tasked with the maintenance of an effective and efficient force in their area, while the force remains under the direction and control of the Chief Constable. PCCs are responsible for the appointment, suspension and dismissal of the Chief Constable and for the police budget within their area, including setting the local council tax precept for policing.

3.  There will also be four Commissioners on the Board of the College of Policing, where they will be expected to represent the interests of the public, giving them a powerful stake in police standards and training at the national level.[1]

4.  The Government told us that "the post of Police and Crime Commissioner is one that holds singular responsibility for the delivery of policing and crime reduction within a force area".[2] In areas such as Greater Manchester, police and crime commissioners will represent the interests of millions of people. With so much power concentrated in the hands of a single individual, it is vital that there is clear and objective scrutiny and an effective system of checks to ensure that the role is performed to the highest standards of integrity and competence. The Government has created a system that relies on local scrutiny and the main check is at the ballot box. In this Report, we show that regular, national comparisons are important for public confidence and draw together the first register of PCCs interests.

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