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The Department for Communities and Local Government (the Department) worked well with local authorities to ensure that local Council Tax support schemes were implemented on time in April 2013 despite a slow start by the Department itself. The Department had four main policy objectives from this change. A significant number of local schemes currently do not meet all of these objectives, particularly that of protecting vulnerable people. The Department's response to this has not been consistent, intervening on one occasion with funding from a Transitional Grant but not another. Some local authorities have introduced Council Tax support schemes in a way that runs counter to broader welfare reforms intended to make work pay. The Department's information about the impact of schemes on vulnerable groups is patchy, and it does not fully understand the impact on the demand for local services of localising Council Tax support and broader welfare reforms. The Department does not yet have firm plans in place with the Department for Work & Pensions to share data between Universal Credit and Council Tax support schemes. Without this, significant savings will not be achieved.

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Prepared 11 March 2014