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HC 619

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

The reference number of the Government's response to each Report is printed in brackets after the HC printing number.

Session 2013-14
First Report  Ministry of Defence: Equipment Plan 2012-2022 and Major Projects Report 2012 HC 53
Second ReportEarly Action: landscape review HC 133
Third ReportDepartment for Communities and Local Government: Financial sustainability of local authorities HC 134
Fourth ReportHM Revenue & Customs: tax credits error and fraud HC 135
Fifth ReportDepartment for Work and Pensions: Responding to change in jobcentres HC 136
Sixth ReportCabinet Office: Improving government procurement and the impact of government's ICT savings initiative HC 137
Seventh ReportCharity Commission: the Cup Trust and tax avoidance HC 138
Eighth ReportRegulating Consumer Credit HC 165
Ninth ReportTax Avoidance - Google HC 112
Tenth ReportSerious Fraud Office - redundancy and severance arrangements HC 360
Eleventh ReportDepartment of Health: managing hospital consultants HC 358
Twelfth ReportDepartment for Education: Capital funding for new school places HC 359
Thirteenth ReportCivil Service Reform HC 473
Fourteenth ReportIntegration across government and Whole-Place Community Budgets HC 472
Fifteenth ReportThe provision of the out-of-hours GP service in Cornwall HC 471
Sixteenth ReportFiRe Control HC 110
Seventeenth Report Administering the Equitable Life Payment Scheme HC 111
Eighteenth ReportCarrier Strike: the 2012 reversion decision HC 113
Nineteenth ReportThe dismantled National Programme for IT in the NHS HC 294
Twentieth ReportThe BBC's move to Salford HC 293
Twenty-first Report Police ProcurementHC 115
Twenty-second Report High Speed 2: a review of early programme preparation HC 478
Twenty-third Report HM Revenue & Customs: Progress in tackling tobacco smuggling HC 297
Twenty-fourth Report The rural broadband programme HC 474
Twenty-fifth Report The Duchy of CornwallHC 475
Twenty-sixth Report Progress in delivering the Thameslink programme HC 296
Twenty-seventh Report Charges for customer telephone lines HC 617
Twenty-eighth Report The fight against Malaria HC 618
Twenty-ninth Report

Thirtieth Report

The New Homes Bonus

Universal Credit: early progress

HC 114

Thirty-first Report

Thirty-second Report

The Border Force: securing the border

Whole of Government Accounts 2011-12

HC 663

HC 667
Thirty-third Report BBC severance packages HC 476
Thirty-fourth Report HMRC Tax Collection: Annual Report & Accounts 2012-13 HC 666
Thirty-fifth Report Access to clinical trial information and the Stockpiling of Tamiflu HC 295
Thirty-sixth Report

Thirty-seventh Report

Thirty-eighth Report

Confidentiality clauses and special severance payments

Supporting UK exporters overseas

Improving access to finance from small and medium-sized enterprises

HC 477

HC 709

HC 775

Thirty-ninth Report

Fortieth Report

Forty-first Report

Forty-second Report

Forty-third Report

Forty-fourth Report

Forty-fifth Report

Forty-sixth Report

The Sovereign Grant

Maternity services in England

Gift Aid and other reliefs on charitable donations

The Charity Commission

Progress at Sellafield

Student loan repayments

Excess votes 2012-13

Emergency admissions to hospital

HC 665

HC 776

HC 835

HC 792

HC 708

HC 886

HC 1068

HC 885

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