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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the Committee's inquiry web page. PHS numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1  Administrative Justice and Tribunals Council (PHS15)

2  Anonymous (PHS43)

3  Anonymous (PHS47)

4  Bartlett, Tim (PHS30)

5  Biggs and Schmidt, Martin and Richard (PHS22)

6  Brooks, Margaret and Janet (PHS09)

7  Budd, Julian (PHS05)

8  Cantwell,Rosemary (PHS11)

9  Clapp, Derek (PHS56)

10  Colville, Elaine (PHS20)

11  Cross-Durrant, Angela (PHS37)

12  Dixon and Hood, Dr Ruth and Professor Christopher (PHS24)

13  Ellicott, Lucinda (PHS31)

14  Financial Services Ombudsman (PHS32)

15  Healthwatch England (PHS36)

16  Hill, Margaret (PHS27)

17  Housing Ombudsman Service (PHS34)

18  Legal Ombudsman (PHS55)

19  Local Government Ombudsman (PHS16), (PHS51)

20  Members of Parliament (PHS28)

21  Nelson, Howard and Elaine (PHS08)

22  Northern Ireland Ombudsman (PHS44)

23  Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHS14), (PHS40), (PHS48), (PHS57)

24  Pennington, Neil (PHS06)

25  Pensions Ombudsman (PHS33)

26  PHSO Pressure Group (PHS52)

27  POhWER (PHS42)

28  Prentice, Brenda (PHS01)

29  Professor Trevor Buck, DR Richard Kirkham and Brian Thompson (PHS13)

30  Public and Commercial Services Union (PHS49)

31  Public Services Ombudsman Service for Wales (PHS12)

32  Rapp, David (PHS39)

33  Reid, Alan (PHS23)

34  Reynolds, Della (PHS19)

35  Rock, C N (PHS18)

36  Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (PHS41)

37  Smalling-Small,Ann Marie (PHS03)

38  Smith, Nigel (PHS10)

39  Speers, Dee (PHS29)

40  Tan, Mr Yu (PHS54)

41  Terry, Gina (PHS04)

42  Treharne Oakley, Janet (PHS35)

43  Tweedie, D R (PHS02)

44  Which? (PHS17)

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Prepared 28 April 2014